Prosperity Party (Jakania)

in progess
The Prosperity Party
Jakanian Prosperity Party
Prosperity Party
Chairperson Harshvardhan Singh Rawlot
Spokesperson Hasan Çakar
Founded 30th May 2013
Youth wing Grey Wolves
Ideology Prosperitism, People's Militantism
International affiliation Federal Imperial Republic of Jakania
Seats in the Jakanian Parliament ???

The Jakanian Prosperity Party was a Empire of Jakania (Now known as Federal Imperial Republic of Jakania) political party, it was disbanded because of the collapse of the Empire of Jakania.


Proposed Members (not confirmed list)

  • Jonh Bokgibioursen 
  • Manu of Mouzilo
  • Verrik Ueb
  • Branislav Radivojević
  • Farik Yeahb
  • Harshvardhan Singh Rawlot
  • Vidhur
  • Fye-reek Shapanayanutu
  • Larik Wet
  • Iosif Šuvalov
  • Kristian Artyomov
  • Miel Hardy

Succsess in Elections

Election Seats Gained Seats Lost
June 2013

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