Protectorate of Austro-Bulgarian Hungermany (Subject of the F.A.R.T.)
Flag of the ABHG

"Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!"
"Long Live the Supreme Dictator!"

Small territory in Southern California
Official language(s) English, Spanish
Short name ABHG
Demonym Astro-Bulgarian Hungerman
- Emperor-King Karl Brandenburg
- Chief Advisor Thomas Brandenburg
Legislature People's Council
- Type - Unicameral subnational council
- Number of seats - 4
Established 24 May 2015 (state)
Area claimed Approximately 2 acres
Population 5 (3 humans, 2 dogs)
Currency Imperial F.A.R.T. Dollar
Time zone Pacific
National animal Pomeranian

The Protectorate of the Empire and Kingdom Austro-Bulgarian Hungermany, more formally known as the Protectorate of the Empire and Kingdom of the Austro-Bulgarian State and the National District of Hungermany, and commonly referred to as simply Austro-Bulgarian Hungermany is a state of the Provisional Territories of the F.A.R.T. which was formed on 24 May 2015 after the formerly independent micronation of the Empire and Kingdom of Austro-Bulgarian Hungermany was absorbed into the F.A.R.T.

The state has a population of three humans and two dogs, and is led by Emperor-King Karl Brandenburg.

History Edit

Austro-Bulgarian Hungermany began as the little-known Dycouvious Republic in the summer of 2014. Ruled by King Karl Brandenburg, it existed for a few months before Brandenburg received assistance from Vladimir Veselovsky, Supreme Dictator of the F.A.R.T., in creating a new nation. Brandenburg led a coup d'état against his own government and formed a new empire.

The Empire and Kingdom of Austro-Bulgarian Hungermany was established on 10 December 2014. It was an independent micronation, consisting primarily of the administrative region of the Republic of Malvaria, which consisted of Emperor-King Karl Brandenburg's home and surrounding territory. On 17 February 2015, the Semi-Autonomous Republic of Omastadt was added to the empire.

Brandenburg ruled over his nation with resolve and drafted complex legal codes and governing documents. The ABHG Imperial Government espoused an ideology called Socio-Authoritarian Communist Nationalism, a doctrine which stressed loyalty to the state and leader and opposed capitalism. On 6 March 2015, Brandenburg experienced a change of heart in which he vowed to purge his nation of all fascistic elements and promote a move towards communism. The ABHG also suffered from small size and a poor economy, prompting the need for a major political change.

It was for these two reasons, ideological and practical, that Brandenburg drafted the Treaty of Malvaria in May 2015. It was signed by Supreme Dictator Vladimir Valentinovich Veselovsky and Emperor-King Karl Brandenburg at Bradesburg, Malvaria, the capital of the ABHG, on 24 May 2015. The provisions of the treaty resulted in the assimilation of the former empire as a protectorate and state of the F.A.R.T.

Government & Politics Edit

The Protectorate of Austro-Bulgarian Hungermany is governed by Emperor-King Karl Brandenburg, who presides over a People's Council of four individuals. The Chancellor appoints one councilmember, currently Thomas Brandenburg, to serve as Chief Advisor. All governing officials have sworn loyalty to Supreme Dictator Vladimir Veselovsky of the F.A.R.T.

The government has moved away from its authoritarian centrist leanings of the past and has embraced the classical communist positions of the F.A.R.T.

Brandenburg is described as a loyal communist who is equally loyal to the Supreme Dictator, serving on the National United People's Assembly of the F.A.R.T. (NUPA) as 2nd Chairman under the Democratic Socialist Party.

Culture Edit

Most of the cultural traditions of Austro-Bulgarian Hungermany are not based on nationality, but the state has been bequeathed with a sense of Germanic and Eastern European culture due to its name alone.

English is spoken by all residents, and Spanish is the only other spoken language (spoken at basic levels by one resident). Despite the state's name, the only official languages are English and Spanish. The state's two non-human residents are Pomeranian dogs, and thus, this breed of dog is the Subnational Animal.

The Subnational Motto of the state ("Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!") refers to the history of the ABHG, which had high ambitions but suffered from a myriad of problems because of them. It also reflects Brandenburg's view of "a good philosophy on life."

The state is is known for its lively film industry.

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