Most Glorious People's Republic of A1 is made up of two protectorates, which are effectively 'provinces', as called in some countries, or the main administrative divisions of the country. These are then divided up into communes, resulting from a decision by the A1 government in December 2009 to amalgamate the many protectorates that then existed


In A1, protectorates can be classified as a 'semi-autonomous' protectorate, which has limited self-governance and at least some form of separate identity, or a 'standard' protectorate, which essentially has almost no self-governance which is controlled directly from the Ministry of Interior in A1.

Although the A1 Constitution does not distinguish between these two types of protectorates, this system still is used by the government.

Semi-autonomous protectorates

  • Lichthalzen

These protectorates have limited self-governance, in that the governor of both protectorates enjoys relative political freedoms. These protectorates also have a government that may be organised at the Governor's will.

Semi-autonomous protectorates tend to be protectorates that are further away from New Central as well as larger areas than 'standard' protectorates.

Standard protectorates

  • New Central (A1)

Standard protectorates tend to be 'less important' protectorates, or those which have very little or no separate identity to A1 itself.


Protectorates are sub-divided further into 'Communes

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