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Brief Overview

Scientopia have, at current, only claims to this land. However, within 25 years, these provinces hope to be secured. At a cost of £2,030,000, Scientopia will attract public attention and hopefully citizens.


Currently named Drakes Island.It is a 6.5 acre (2.6 ha) island lying in Plymouth Sound. bought the island for £384,000 from the Crown Estate in 1995. As of 2005 it contains derelict military barracks and buildings from the Napoleonic era, and a MoD radio mast.

Budget = £600,000 purchase, £300,000 renovation. Total cost £900,000

Proteus as seen from above


To hold a fortified position, and to be the official home of Scientopia's National Labs. Budget = £250,000 purchase, £200,000 renovation. Total cost £450,000

Asatria, Birds Eye Veiw


To hold SASA's headquarters, and a testing grounds for them. An airstrip will be created off the coast. An expansion into the surrounding shallows will also be built, costing approximately £330,000 Budget = £100,000 purchase, £480,000, Total Cost £580,000

Euphor Birds Eye Veiw

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