Provincial Colony of Erusia
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Flag of West Bir Tawil

Principality of Waydina

"Unity & freedom are true Strength "
Capital city Erus City, formally
Largest city Erus City formally
Official language(s) English, formally Erusian
Official religion(s) None/Open to All
Demonym Western Bir Tawilan formally Waydinian Erusian
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Prime Minister King Kelson I
- King King Kelson I
Established October 27 2008 (original) November 9 2008 (Republic) November 2014 - Present (Province)
Population TBA
Currency Erusian State Credit formally
National animal Lion & Eagle

The Provincial Colony of Erusia formally Democratic People's Republic of Erusia once named the Kingdom of Erusia (IPA: [ əɹuziːɐ ]) (DPRE) (Erusian: Verzu Ehazova Qaevaxu Zaaxhia), commonly known plainly as Erusia (Verzu eg Zaiv) was a micronational state that had originally been founded on October 27 2008 as a constitutional monarchy and reformed to a democratic republic on November 8th of that year after the fall of the Republic the name was revived and was annexed in October 2014 by the Principality of Waydina, On the same day King Kelson I was crowned King of Erusia, Erusia would later become part of West Bir Tawil.


After the 2009 Erusian Political Crisis, Erusia became a single-party socialist republic under the absolute leadership of the Erusian National Communist Party, who first came to power in November 2008. Since November the communist party systematically eliminated all alleged political opposition to its rule, gradually transforming the nation from a free multi-party democracy to a single-party communist state.

Under communist rule, the Democratic People's Republic was seen to prosper both politically and socially. It became one of the most influential members of its main community and was renowned for its commitment to progressive socio-economic development.

On July 30, 2010, Erusia decided to terminate its own existence. Following this, the 'Lethler Experiment', where it was proven, and indeed, openly admitted by Robert Lethler, that the entire Erusian micronation was a fabrication, used to further his own means, which are as of yet known only to very few micronationalists, sworn to secrecy.