Provincial Colony of Milligansa
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Flag of West Bir Tawil

Principality of Waydina...

Flag of the Principality of Waydina, now State of Waydina

"stand united"
West Bir Tawil
Capital city None
Official language(s) English
Demonym Westren Bir Tawilan Milligansaian formally Waydinian Milligansaian
Government King of West Bir Tawil
- Monarchy HRH King Kelson I
Legislature Administration/Embassy Council
Established November 2014
Area claimed Department
Population Unlisted Yet

The Provincial Colony of Milligansa formally Kingdom of Milligansa is a Annexed colony of the West Bir Tawil formally Principality of Waydina (now State of Waydina), after its takeover King Kelson I was crowned King of Milligansa, much of Milligansa's history as of know is unknown but a team is now on the trail to find out more.