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                                                       August 14th 2013 - August 29th 2013

  • Original national flag. First used and hoisted under the name of the Principality of Prussia on August 14th of 2012
  • It was first going to be used as an all around flag, as the nation was in its infancy, and only contained 0.42 acres of land. There was no need for the use of any form of ensign.
  • Once the Principality had begun to expand outward, the flag was still used


                                                           May 23 2013 - August 29th 2013

  • As the nation grew, and as alliances were made, and Prussia joined the Saxon Empire, the above flag was created.
  • It was designed by the Prince of Prussia originally as his own personal flag. It was then used as an Imperial flag for the whole nation

Prussia Brandenburg flag by Neethis (1)

                                                      August 29th 2013 - October 30th 2013

  • When the government of Prussia had a slight change, a new flag was in order. This was the first flag of the Autonomous Kingdom of Prussia.

Prussian flag by fenn o manic-d3j9zsx23

Prussian flag by fenn o manic-d3j9zsx

                                                             October 30th 2013 - Present

  • The current national flag of the Autonomous Kingdom of Prussia. The second image is the final decision made by the Prince to the flag. It was swapped out for the naval ensign.

New Prussian Flag

                                                         May 23rd 2013 - January 28th 2014

  • Flag of the Prussian Empire, a union of the two Prussian micronations.

Prussian flag by fenn o manic-d3j9zsx Autonomous Kingdom of Prussia
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