Name: Prussian Republic
Anthem: Preußens Gloria
Official Languages: German
Capital: Königsberg
Demonym: Prussian
Government: Republic
Head of State: None
Population: No Data, Last 41.92 million (1939)
Main Page (Updated more often): Prussian Republic

Prussia, Officially the Prussian Republic is a Nation containing the same primary territory as the historical Kingdom of Prussia which includes The East and West. Its Capital and largest city is Konigsberg also known as Kaliningrad.


The name Prussia derives from the Old Prussians. In the 13th century, the Teutonic Knightan organized Catholic medieval military order of German crusaders conquered the lands inhabited by them.


This is for the history related to the current government, for the historical kingdom of prussia see Prussian History

After the fall of the kingdom of Prussia in 1947 the Prussian territory was under foreign occupation by Poland and Russia (Pomerania and Kaliningrad)


Prussia has a diverse political structure, refusing to join the EU and many other things have been done to preserve sovereignity

Administrative Territories

Flag Name Administrative town
East Prussia Konigsberg
West Prussia (Pomerania) Danzig
New Swabia (Antarctic Claim) None

Diplomatic Relations

The Prussian Republic is in Good relations with Anchussland.


Main Page

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