Krolesto of Radsoc

bedziemy zignac, ale nie zlamac
piekeny radsoc
Capital city zycie
Largest city lekarz
Official language(s) polish, English Ireligion = secular
Demonym Radsocan Government: Constitutional monarchy
Established 2013
Area claimed 5 Km
Population 61
Currency Pen
Time zone USA
National sport Soccer
National animal Duck
This nation is a member of the I.N.M.N.A

The Krolesto of Radsoc is a medium sized micro nation in the Floridian suburb of Dillman farms. A small, tight knit community and generally has no problems.


It gets the name Krolesto of Radsoc because in polish it means Kingdom of joy.


The Krolesto of Radsoc was created when a American boy who knew polish well started disliking the American government and therefore created the Krolesto of Radsoc.

Government & PoliticsEdit

The government is mainly run by the Sovereign, who is in that position till death, but other matters Are run by the prime minister and his underlings the minister of foreign affairs, the minister of internal Affairs, the minister of defense, and the minister of civil. It is not an absolute monarchy as there is a constitution.

Law & OrderEdit

The police, if they catch a suspect, he must tell them what he knows or be locked up for six months. The judicial system is ruled by the minister of internal affairs. If he's on break its the minister of defense. If he's on break its the prime minister. And if he's on break than its the king, who's never on break.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Sadly, despite repeated attempts by the Krolesto of Radsoc, It has no contact with any other nations or micronations.


Radsoc refuses to get into any wars and if it must, the citizens defend themselves.

Geography & ClimateEdit

As its in Florida the Krolesto of Radsoc tends to be very hot. It tends to be low grassland paved by concrete.


Radsocs industry is almost entirely made up of its people going to work for other country's. What little of it isn't made up of that is made up of Radsocans growing fruit in their backyard And selling it.


Education tends to be average in Radsoc. The most popular fine art is dancing.


Radsoc is almost entirely unknown by the press.

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