Capital city Northampton
Largest city Northampton
Official language(s) English, Raferian
Government Monarch
Established 2008
Population 6
Currency US Dollars (USD)
Time zone EST
National animal Maine Coon

Raferia (pronounced raf-air-ee-uh) is a monarchy located and surrounded by the state of Pennsylvania.


Raferia was created on September 23, 2008. RA started out as a democratic nation, later changed to monarchy in December 2008. King Brett Reed has ruled ever since.

Before Raferia was established. The area was known to be the most needed source of raw materials for The United States of America in World War II. Some of these factories that ran still run today.

Today, most things that come out of Raferia are various types of music and bands. The nation has an official music venue for all types of music to be played freely.


The land density of Raferia is approximately 2.7 square miles.


Raferia has a very strong military. Raferia takes great pride in their efforts to stop any threats and protect their nation. The persons in the Raferian military are not counted in the nation's population for it consists of shared militaries from sister nations.


Citizens of Raferia have complete freedom of religion. But, most of the population consists of Atheists or Satanists.