Railway of Vladislavia
(Feratăkoleїar Vladislavielor)
Flag of Railways of Vladislavia FTV (FKV) emblem
Flag Emblem
Salїvarэcї und adăugacї
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  Common information  
Headquarters Vladislavian state flag Vladislavia
Owner Sfatul of Vladislavia
(Commissariat of Infrastructure and Transport)
Head of Railway Vladislav Chokin
Foundation 15th December 2016
Divisions n/a
Subdivisions n/a
Type 600px-Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Soviet
Track gauge 750 mm
(1000 mm. for trams)
Length 0 km
Electrification n/a

Railway of Vladislavia (vdl. "Feratăkoleїar Vladislavielor", "FKV" ; se. "Vladislaviens Järnvägar"; "VJ") is one from the departments of "Commissariat of Infrastructure and Trasport", part of Vladislavian Government.


Officially created in 15th December 2016.

In 27th April 2017 changed its symbolic and official coloring of rolling stock.

Track gauge

FKV isn't assume actions with standard railways, because building of wide gauge requires correction of relief; destruction of buildings, trees and other barriers; exact calculation for infrastructure construction; hard electronic systems; regular service; big amount of stuff; and, as a result, huge expenses.

Narrow gauge and special rolling stock can be built by small group of amateurs almost without necessity of global correction of environment. That routes can work with primitive handmade systems of signalization, and they might be repaired by simple actions, understandable for everyone. Because of primitiveness, low speeds and safety, stuff haven't requirement to follow all formal rules of big railroads.

FKV accepted 2 types of gauge:

  • 750 mm. - For railway routes.
  • 1000 mm. - For tram and subway systems.

Default coloring

FKV Wagon
As example, Soviet wagon PV48 is shown.

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