Welcome to the Federation Republic of Ralexland, ruled under President Zac Nathan Mansfield.

Republic of Ralexland - First Proclaim of the First Republic

Founded by Zac Nathan Mansfield as the Republic of Ralexland first President. The First Republic of Ralexland gain independence on the 14th October 2012 after successfully replace the Kingdom of Ralexland by king Ralex I. Zac Nathaniel Mansfield then been dismiss to Army Leader by the Senate Parliament and Leoniel Mansfield, his brother proclaim the President position. As he said:" He don't have the ideal for people like me, I deserve to become president". He proclaim Communist Democratic State as he change the nation to Democratic Communist State of Ralexland and he became the President ( Dictator ) 

Dictator State of Ralexland

Democratic State of Ralexland - Dictatoral Era of Ralexland

As The new President raise to power, Leoniel abolish the Parliament and the People's Assembly Council - Republican Council and claim himself to become The Rightful Eternity President of Ralexland. But after 2 months, a coup occur by Army's Leader Zac Nathan Mansfield and exile his brother to Prison of Politicals Resons in the Outer District of Helium.

Federation Transitional Republic of Ralexland - Previous Government.

As the coup success in Jan 2013, Zac abolish the Communist Party of Ralexland and form the Federation Party and Liberty Party and another party also take part in this newly republic is Republica Democratica Party - Republican Party of Ralexland. A transition occurs in the nation and may end in about August 2013 and the Nation currently drafting it New Constitution of Ralenium 2013 to replace the Communist Constitution of Ralexland.

Federation Republic of Ralexland - Current Government

As the nation return to it peaceful era, the new government start to spend the money on Reconstruct civilian house damaged under the revolt as well as redevelop the capital. As many construction is under consideration of spending and construction, In 2013 July, The Ralenium Inter. Airport finished as The National Lab and Civil Welfare Research University complete upon the airport finished. Many more plan are planning.

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