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Crown Dependency of Rasnatium (Brady Dynasty)

"Etrusci, quia, supra novem milia annorum!"
1812 Overture
Catskill Mountains
Capital city Windii
Largest city Windii
Official language(s) Etrusco-English
Official religion(s) Hellenism, Deism, Christianity
Short name Rasnatium
Demonym Etruscan, Rasna, Bradian
Government Anarcho-Capitalist Territory under Crown Administration of the Brady Dynasty
- Leader of the Brady Dynasty Marcus I (Marximus)
- Governor TBA
Legislature Oligarchic Corporation
Established 2004
Area claimed 50 acres
Population < 15
Currency State Credit
National sport Hoplitai
National drink Moxie

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Brady Coat of Arms


Rasnatium is a highly cultured society. It lies in the beautiful Catskill Mountain ranges and hosts a wide array of progress and creativity. The society remains anarcho-capitalist. As such, the government has no influence in the Social and Economic Affairs of its citizens. However, it remains a crown dependency of the Brady Dynasty, and as such, follows the monarchy leadership of Marcus I (Marximus). 

The economy is based upon free enterprise and open trade. As such, government does not regulate the exclusive trade of lumber, agricultural/animal products, water, natural resources, art, etc. As part of the Brady-Bate Trade Federation, it conjoins economies with other member states aswell.

It is also a member of the American Union, and the militaristic based Paratus League


"Royal Rasnatium Hellenic Army under Supreme Command of the Brady Dynasty" 

Being a crown dependency of the Royal Hellenic Brady Dynasty, Rasnatium fights in the greek/macedonian fashion. Based upon the phalanx formation as the basic unit of command. The army also includes light infantry, calvalry, firearmed irregulars, and the "Armored Corps". The army consists of about: 

Phalangites < 10

Peltasts < 5

Calvalry < 5

Firearmed/Irregulars < 5

Armored (ATV) Corps < 5

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Modern Royal Banner of the Hellenic Armies of the Brady Dynasty


Rasnatium is a highly cultured society based upon classical and modern value transfusion. The nation is named after the ancient Etruscan "Rasna" civilization, and based upon greek tradition and value. Its capital "Windii", is based upon the nearest "american" area, of which it shares a border. "Windii", being a Rasna sounding randition of it.

Food, song, and dance all derive from a modern-classical culture transfusion. Modern song, dance, and food reside, but classical reconstruction is prevalent. Moxie remains the favored beverage amongst its citizens. Culture between the Crown dependencies of the Brady Dynasty remain similar, but differ based upon location and the influences provided. 


Religion in Rasnatium is diverse, christianity being the dominant. However, classical ideals blend to create a hellenic and christianized state based upon rational deism. Religion is free, but the crowned monarch dictates the "state" religion, of which has not been determined. 



American Union

Paratus League

Union of Christian Micronations

Royal United Dependencies of the Hellenic Brady Dynasty


The Batonic Dynasty

Cockatiel Empire

Brady Dynasty Dependencies:

Fresh Water





Brady-Bate Trade Federation


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Rasnatium, from above. The major trade network can be seen from here. Boundaries are based upon the white lines distinguished from the map.

Rasnatium is located in the beautiful Catskill Mountians.