Red Square is the public face of Molossia and contains many of the establishments that keep Molossia running and make it interesting. It is the home to the Molossia Post Office, the Molossia Trading Company, the Office of the President, the Bank of Molossia, the Tiki Hut Bar and Grill, the Peace Pole and the Water Tower. In addition, a branch of the Molossian telephone system resides here and the Square is adjacent to the Molossia Customs Office and not far from Norton Park.

Molossia Customs Office

The Molossia customs Office serves as the gateway to Molossia. Manned by Fred the Custom Guy, it is here that visitors must first stop to check in before touring Molossia. Signs indicate what cannot be brought into our nation and an entry fee of pocket change is extracted from willing tourists. After pausing at the Customs Office, the tour of Molossia begins.

Peace Pole

Standing near the Tower of the Winds is Molossia's Peace Pole. The words "May Peace Prevail on Earth" is featured in eight languages: English (the native language of Molossia), Spanish (representing the native language of many residents of the surrounding Northern Nevada area, as well as throughout the western United States), Chinese (the native language of 1.2 billion people), Italian (to represent the Italian heritage of most Molossians), German (to represent Molossia's German heritage, and also the language of the President of Molossia), Cherokee (in reference to Molossia's Cherokee heritage), Russian (to represent the language of Central Asia and Russia), and Esperanto (a bridge language between all peoples, and in itself represents peace).