National Anthem:

Official languages English,----
Denomyn Redian

Government Hamiltonian Republic
Secretary General Zane Bowles

Legislature Redian Council
-Type Unicameral
Seats ?

- Union Founded 11 February 2014

Area claimed >? m2

Population 118

Currency None currently (Ѥ)

Time zone EST

Drives on the Varies

Date formats Gregorian calendar

The Redian Pact is a union of sovereign states based largely in North America.


The Pact

The Redian Pact was at first an agreement between the Kingdom of New Prussia and the Zanregardian Empire. It was little more than a military alliance, and little thought was given to it.

The Union

The Redian Union was founded on February 11, 2014 (A1112014M3) as a union between three states: The Kingdom of New Prussia, the Zanregardian Empire, and the Kingdom of Clovis.

Politics and Government

Redian Union Plan

The Redian Pact uses a modified version of the Hamilton Plan. Firstly, there is a unicameral legislature where representatives are elected directly, as the Electoral College is horrible.

( Secondly, the Governor is known as the Secretary General.

Foreign Relations


Constituent Nations

Flag Nation
Newprussiaflag Kingdom of New Prussia
Zanregardflag Zanregardian Empire
Clovis Kingdom of Clovis
New Republic of Texas Flag New Republic of Texas

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