Redwood City

Czech Republic (Lurk)
Official language(s) Lurk
- Premier Alex White
Time zone CET

Redwood Oblast or Redwood City, formerly Redwood Directly Controlled Area, was founded on 25th June 2011 and it is the capital city of Noble Republic of Lurk, and it's predecessors.


History of this property dates to pre-World War 1, when it was bought by great grandfather of Alex White. The only property is also from this date. The property was annexed with beginning of the Federation as capital city located in Acrest Republic. On November 26th, it was made a directly controlled area.

The Rift

After The Rift, all connection with Redwood City was lost along with a lot of information. It is referred to as the 'Hidden City', and the Scribe Government class it as a National Heritage site. Whether or not more information can be found is up to Alex White, the Premier.


Mining of clay and stones is currently underway in Lurk. The clay is purified in the same location and shipped to Ravensburg, where it is used for various reasons. 

Casting of old scrap metal is also present in Redwood city, most importantly lead and tin. Currently, casting of aluminum is being planned, but there is no material which could survive the high temperatures of molten aluminum. 


Redwood City contains rare species of Gentiana asclepiadea and forest strawberry. They are located in the national park Lurkish Giant Mountains (Czech: Lurksé Krkonoše). However it is believed this plant is no longer alive, as it was taken from it's natural conditions to less suitable conditions. 


Noble Republic of Lurk