Reformed Dartirian Empire

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Reformed Dartirian Empire
Steag pasare andreiSteag andrei cioara sabii

All for the crown!
Predeal, Romania
Official language(s) Romanian, English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Dartirian
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Emperor Rusu Andrei
- Emperor Rusu Andrei
Established March 2015
Population 4 (Registered) 1000 (Within claimed territory)
Currency Dart
Time zone EET
National sport Chess
National drink Pepsi
National animal Eagle

The Reformed Dartirian Empire is a micronation created by Rusu Andrei after a series of reforms and political events in the last few months as a succesor to the previous nations he had created. The Empire is an absolute Monarchy, in which the emperor has unbound power over the state, constitution and people all along. The nation has a constitution of its own, passports, and was established in March 2015 when the declaration of independence was written and signed by 3 of the founding members.


The Empire itself started as The Dominion of Dartir, claiming a large, forest-like area (which is currently a part of the Reformed Dartirian Empire) and was ruled by the same Monarch, at the time with the title of Baron-Emperor. The nation recieved recognition from Molossia, but was quickly disestablished due to lack of support from its citizens. Later, it was re-established as the Holy Dartirian Empire which had the same fate. It was renamed to the Voivodship of Transylvania and lived on for some more time under the leadership of the Emperor (at the time voivode), but was left behind. After a series of reforms and massive changes to the nation as a whole, the current micronation has been founded. As of 6th of March 2015, the Reformed Dartirian Empire is a micronation in its own right, governed by an absolute monarchy.

Declaration of Independence

Quoted from the original, handwritten doccument. "From now on, as of 06.03.2015, the independence of the Reformed Dartirian Empire is proclaimed, under the leadership of Marshal, Commander of the armed forces, Emperor and supreme leader Rusu Andrei. From the day in which this declaration is signed, the reformed Dartirian Empire will become a micronation with full rights as an independent state."

  • Signatures follow


Currently, the empire does not posses a standing military, however, in case of need, the Romanian Military and Police will come in aid. Thus, the Empire is currently unable to provide miltiary support to nations and micronations alike, but the territory remains permanently on guard for potential threats.


The eagle on the flag and coat of arms means the absolute power of the emperor. It is a historical symbol that has been used to represent fascism. The shield and the crossed swords on the coat of arms mean war, while the gold and black colors on both symbols are used to represent the crown (The Emperor and the High Council)

High council

The high council consists of 3 of the nation`s founding members and is led by the emperor. Although it votes laws and aids the emperor, it has no real power outside that, and can be dissolved and disestablished on command. It is also called The House of Nobles.


The Reformed Dartirian Empire stated it is willing to open diplomatic relationships with any nation and micronation alike, be it self-proclaimed (Such as the Donetsk people`s republic), a micronation or a country in its own right. It gives full recognition to countries, limited recognition to self-proclaimed nations (separatist movements) and NO recognition at all to the Vatican or papal authority over Vatican. As stated by the Emperor: "Nations such as the Vatican aren`t nations. They should not be recongnised as nations in the first place, because, for example, Vatican is a part of Rome, Italy, and the Papal Authortity should not be above the law."


  • March 6th - Founding day
  • May 29th - Emperor`s birthday

Every birthday of a registered citizen is also considered a holiday of national importance and will be treated accordingly by the Emperor. Romanian holidays are celebrated as well, such as the Union of The Romanian Principalities.

The Emperor

The current Emperor has been in function since the Empire was founded and will remain in function until his death, no matter what. He is an avid student of history and languages and has been awarded with all honours, medals and mentions of the Empire, as follows:

Honour Information
Order of the Golden Eagle Symbol of Absolute Power
Order of Bravery Awarded to the brave and patriotic
Knightship Awarded only to the Empire`s finest

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