Reformed Dartirian Empire
Steag pasare andreiSteag andrei cioara sabii

Everything for the crown!
Marcia Reale D'Ordinanza
Predeal, Romania
Capital city Aethir
Largest city Aethir
Official language(s) Romanian, English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Dartirian
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Emperor Rusu Andrei
- Emperor Rusu Andrei
Legislature House of Nobles
Established March 2015
Area claimed cca. 1 km²
Population 4 (Registered) 1000 (Within claimed territory)
Currency Dart
Time zone EET
National sport Chess
National drink Coca Cola
National animal Eagle

The Reformed Dartirian Empire is a micronation created by Rusu Andrei after a series of reforms and political events, as a successor to the previous nations he had created. The Empire is an absolute Monarchy, in which the emperor has unbound power over the state, constitution and people. The nation was established in March 2015 when the declaration of independence was written and signed by 3 of the founding members.


The Empire itself went trough numerous reforms and changes throughout its existence, which involved changes in government, name and national symbolism. The first incarnation of the nation was declared in 2014, but it was quickly disestablished, despite receiving recognition from notable micronations, such as Molossia. It was then that the nation, which was previously politically unstable shifted towards the form of government it has today, which is the Empire. Several changes were made afterwards in order to allow the nation to extend its claims and function as a voivodeship, but the idea was quickly left behind in favour of maintaining a politically stable Empire in order to prevent intramicronational tensions or isssues. The Nation has been actively developing ever since and it continues to involve itself in Micronational politics today.

Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of independence was written in the day of the nation's establishment in English, as well as Romanian, and it was shortly after written in the Nation's prototype language, Dartirian. Bellow is the English variant of the declaration:

"From now on, the Dartirian Empire, led by the supreme commander of the armed forces, and the absolute and undisputed ruler of this land, the Baron-Emperor Rusu Andrei, is an independent nation in its own right that will forever remain independent from the state and function as a different entity from the Romanian nation and the European Union, as well as any other authority existent on the globe. The nation was organized and its structure will remain as is until the very end, and the authority of the Emperor over the land that it has claim will forever reign over the nation's people."

  • Signatures Follow


Currently, the Empire does not possess a standing military, however, in case of need, the Romanian Military and Police will come in aid. Thus, the Empire is currently unable to provide miltiary support to nations and micronations alike, but the territory remains permanently guarded by its people for potential threats.Given the size of the nation, however, it is highly unlikely that someone would invade it.


The symbolism on the flag is subjective, however, it can be interpreted as follows: The Eagle on the flag, which is a known symbol of fascism and authoritarianism in general signifies the absolute power of the Emperor over the state, its regions and its policies, and his undisputed authority over any and all people living in, or associated with the Empire. The black background is meant to represent the wars that the Empire is willing to fight in order to eradicate its enemies and establish supreme authority over any who dare do them harm.

The symbolism on the coat of arms is similar, with only a few differences, which are: The presence of the crossed swords signifying the nation's ongoing struggle for power and recognition, and the presence of the shield meaning the impenetrabale willpower of its people.


The Reformed Dartirian Empire has a thriving Economy, and its own currency, the Dartirian "Dart" (DR / DT), with the exchange rate of 1 Dart to 0.10 Romanian Leu (RON). The first series of Darts was approved in October 2016 by the Emperor as a result of the establishment of the Dartirian National Bank (RO: "Banca Nationala a Imperiului Dartirian Reformat"), governed by a member of the House of Nobles whose name is classified.

I Dart

1 Dart from the first series

The National bank is in the proccess of minting more coins in order to stabilize the Nation from an economical standpoint. The nation's sole foreign supplier, Romania, has been actively working with the Empire in order to assist it in fueling its people with various goods.

Political Structure

The Emperor is the absolute ruler of the nation and has the power to silence any of the national authorities, modify laws without approval and completely reorganize the nation's structure without any notifications given beforehand. The Emperor is also permitted, contrary to popular belief, to act in infringement of the laws he has established or to allow others to defy the laws (the latter has yet to happen).

The High Council consists of 3 of the nation's founding members and is led by the emperor. Although it votes laws and aids the emperor, it has no real power outside that, and can be dissolved and disestablished on command. It is also called The House of Nobles.

No political parties are permitted to exist within the Empire due to the Emperor's fear of different opinions which may lead to a national crisis. This is a short-term measure which is expected to be lifted as soon as a greater degree of stability is met.

The Constitution

The Empire has its own cosntitution, which was written in October 2016 and contains basic information about the nation and its symbolsim and some laws, which are paragraphs meant to explain the Empire's stance on various things, including, but not limited to Guns & Munitions or Imperial Authority. The Constitution was written by the Emperor and it is in the proccess of being expanded and translated into English.

Administrative Divisions

The Empire is split into two Administrative Divisions (Romanian: Judete), each with its own flag, but with a single leader, which is the Emperor. Each Administrative division also has its own code and name.

Flag Name and Code / Abbreviation
Aethir AT
Forestia FT
Dartirian Overseas Territories DOT

The Division of Aethir is the urban area of the nation, whereas Forestia, as its name implies, is a large, forest-like area that consists of many trees and hills. The house of parliament is situated in the center of Aethir, and so are all other institutions.The Dartirian Overseas Territories are the colonial possessions of the Crown of Dartir, consisting of all of the uninhabited islands of the world, and a part of Antarctica.


The Reformed Dartirian Empire stated that it is willing to establish diplomatic relationships with any nation and micronation alike, be it self-proclaimed (Such as the Donetsk people's Republic), a micronation or a country in its own right. It gives full recognition to countries, limited recognition to self-proclaimed nations (separatist movements) and no recognition to the city of Vatican.

The Nation is in the proccess of sorting out the situation of the Romanian Micronations and gaining recognition from the Principality of Seborga, a micronation located in the town of Seborga, in Italy, recognition which was formally requested by the Emperor in October 2016, a request which has yet to be answered by Seborga's Government.

As a result of the constant desire for proper intermicronational relationships, the Empire is now a second-phase candidate for membership in the European Micronations Union, a status which was achieved on the 15th of October 2016, following a formal request for EMU membership which received the approval of the incumbent chairman.


Steag pasare andrei-0

Order of the Golden Eagle: The Order of the Golden Eagle (RO: Ordinul Soimului Auriu) is an honour awarded to the Emperor of the Nation upon his coronation, and is meant to represent his Absolute Power over his people's future. Upon the current Emperor's death, this order will be passed down to his successor.


Order of Bravery: This Medal (RO: Ordinul Curajului) is awarded to good war-time tacticians and fighters, and to those those who help maintain intramicronational peace and please the masses.


The Knightship: The status of "knight" (RO: Statut de Cavaler) is generally given to those whose contributions in various fields (such as literature or poltiics) were significant to the Empire.

The Emperor is awarded all three honours by default as a result of his dedication to his nation's well being, and the last two can be awarded either by the Emperor or a representative of the House of Nobles, but this has yet to happen.


  • March 6th - Founding day
  • May 29th - Emperor's birthday

Every birthday of a registered citizen is also considered a holiday of national importance and will be treated accordingly by the Emperor. Romanian holidays are celebrated as well, such as the Union of The Romanian Principalities (though to a lesser extent). As a result of the Nation not having an official religion and instead being classified as a secular state, Christmas, Easter and the rest of the Christian holidays are not fully celebrated.

The Emperor

Second flag

The Empire's royal banner

The current Emperor has been in function since the Empire was founded and will remain in function until his death, no matter what. He is an avid student of history and languages.

Precceded by Leader of the Reformed Dartirian Empire Succeded by
Position established Rusu Andrei I of the holy crown of Dartir Incumbent

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