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The 20& bill with the Imperial Lion on the front and the cedar waxwing on the back.

The Reichmünze (currency code DCR) is the purported currency of the Empire of Deloraine-Cavers since it's formation in 2006. The Reichmünze is abbreviated by &, called the Reichmünzesign. It is divided into 100 Koins. It is minted at the Imperial Bank and Mint in Herume, Delo-Cavers. The word Reichmünze comes from the German words "Reich" meaning Empire, and "Münze," meaning coin. The Bank issuse coins in the denominations of 1&, 2&, and 5&. It also issuse bills in the denominations of 10&, 20&, and 50&. The coins and bills feature national symbols on them including the Imperial Coat of Arms, the cedar waxwing, and the chokecherry. The 50& bill has Emperor Joshua I on the front, and the 5& coin has Emperor Joshua I on the obverse side. This is evidence of the cultural impact and significance that Emperor Joshua I had on the Delo-Cavers Empire.

Banknotes and Coins of Reichmünze:Edit


10& note


50& note


1& Coin


2& coin



5& coin

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