La libertà prima di tutto"
Gloria alla libertà
Government Permanent Technical Government
Area claimed 0,13 acres
Population 3
Time zone +1 UTC

The Republic of Baractistain is a micronation in Europe. The population is of 2 people. The official languages are Italian and Spanish. The president of Baractistan is Falcor Cortesi. The national colors are blue and white. The national holiday is June 21 (begin of summer)


1.- Baractastain repudiates the war and all the facets concerning it;

2.- Baractastain is a free country;

3.- In the territory it is necessary to stick to an adequate attitude;

4.- The claimed territories must have an object that shows that it is part of the territory of the state;

5.- The state must have constant relations with other states and microstates;

For information or adquisition of citizenship

Write an email to:

National Anthem

Gloria alla libertà (Glory for the liberty):


Territory of baractastain

The perimeter of the country is currently about 319 meters. The country is divided into committees.for now there are two committee "Comitato Domus" and "Comitato Aquae"

Sports Federation

Flag of Baractastain fo Microcup

The FSNB (Baractastain Sports Federation) is the sports federation of Baractastain. The leader is Falcor Cortesi. The sports covered by the federation are football and volleyball. Baractastain will participate in the 1st edition of the "Microcup 2018"

Foreign Affairs And Alliances

Flag Micronation since
Flag of Alanland-0
Kingdom of Alanland 26 February


Second Banner of Laurencia
Democratic Republic of Laurencia 1 March 2018


In 2011 the Natalimpion nation was born. Natalimpion consisted initially of 3 regions but in 2012 a new one was added. The regions were Natalimpion, Yunima, Zecrom and Domus. The Natalimpion region was the richest in the state. In 2016 independence was suspended and therefore Natalimpion ceased to exist. In 2018, where Domus was previously located, it was decided to establish a new micronation called Baractastain and on 9 February 2018 its independence was proclaimed.

MicroExpo 2018

Baractastain organizes the first universal exhibition on peace between micronations in May 2018
Micro expo

Alanland, San Cristobal, The Commonwealth Federation, Astain, Libertia and Baracastain will take part (as of 24/3/2018)

Baractastain Public Television

the public television of Baractastain, which will allow us to show all over the world what happens in our micronation. it started the broadcast on March 30, 2018

Permanent Technical Government

On May 25 President Falco Cortesi signed a decree called "Permanent Technical Government" that allows the president to act as president and minister. This decree was signed due to lack of ministers in the government.

Micronational Organizations 

Organizations since
League of Micronations LoMN Feburary 9, 2018
U.D.M.I June 3, 2018