Republic of Équaria
Flag of Équaria

Tous libres, tous égaux
Saint-Brandon, île Maurice
Capital city Livio
Official language(s) French, English
Short name Équaria
Government Constitutional republic
- Principibus Maxence Barré, Pierre Moutounet
- Prosecutor of the Republic Briag Moreau
Population 7
Currency USD
Time zone +3

Équaria, or the Republic of Équaria, is a micronation which was founded on 2 July 2015. Its political system is based on a constitutional republic. The constitution in force is that of the First Republic of Équaria since 2 July 2015. Équaria is located on the island of St. Brandon in the Indian Ocean belonging to Mauritius. Abandoned by the government of Mauritius, both students (Maxence Barré & Pierre Moutounet) decided to install their own republican micronation.

The Republic of Équaria uses a similar political system and government to that of the fourth French constitution. The Heads of State are the two principibus of the Republic Équaria. Citizens have the right of universal suffrage, and they may elect five vincereturs (parliamentary chamber members). These five vincereturs appoint the members of the Republican Assembly who has different rights of elections. It elects two principibus for a term of ten years and elects the Prosecutor for a term of two years. Both principibus appoint all ministers and the International Ambassador. Laws are proposed by the five vincereturs then are passed by majority vote at the Republican Assembly. They are then independently verified the Court of Justice appointed by the Public Prosecutor. They take effect upon publication in the Constitution of 2 July 2015. Both principibus can dissolve the Assembly and rebuild a new republican political system (see Chapter XVI of the Constitution of 2 July 2015).

The Équari Republic considers itself as a tax haven due to its very low taxes and charges not exceeding in 1.4% of the taxes on sales of a business case (see Chapter V of the Constitution of 2 July 2015). The Government considers that leads to happiness of all and the opportunity for small businesses to large potential to grow. Équaria calls itself an indivisible, secular, democratic and social micronation. It ensures equality before the law for all citizens without distinction of origin, race or religion. Its official languages ​​are French and English. All monetary currencies are accepted, however, the official accounts are in US dollars.

Its national motto is "Tous libres, tous égaux", which can be translated into English as "All free, all equal". Its flag complies with international dimensions and represents an oak, symbol of the republic, sovereignty, strength and equality. The lower part of the flag is blue, representing the ocean, symbol of freedom and infinity. The upper is blue representing the sky, escape symbol of sharing and brotherhood.

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