The Kingdom of Aksos, or commonly known as Aksos, is a small nation bordering the United States.  The

administrative capital, New Hyperius, is in Connecticut and there are various territories around the globe.


Aksos was founded on May the eighteenth of the year 2016.  Since then, it has claimed several territories and made numerous changes to its civil law. On May 20th 2016 Fort Forrestal was added to the kingdom as a Crown Dependency. On August 7, 2016, it was to changed to a Republic

Geography and Climate

Being a nation spread out around the earth, Aksos has several different climate and biomes.  New Hyperius is mild, with some snow in the winter, and heat in the summer.  Mostly forested, it has a few fields dotting the landscape.  The Antarctic territory of Frigidum is below freezing point and has snow most months of the year.


The population is very small.  All are English speaking, and of mostly European descent.  Roughly one half is Atheist, a fourth is Buddhist, and a fourth is Protestant Christian

Government and politics

Aksos is a constitutional monarchy. The Consul D. Calidius Gracchus, is head of state and government. There is also a National Assembly that legislates on behalf of Aksos. Aksos recognizes the micronations of Belajio and Imvrassia currently, and recognizes all nations in the UN, Somaliland, Republic of China, Abkhazia, Sahrawi, Kosovo, South Ossetia, and Syrian Kurdistan.  Aksos does not recognize North Korea or the Assad regime.

The Consul is commander in chief of the armed forces and police.

Aksos national armed forces defend Aksos and its interests and citizens from internal and external threats.  It is headed by the general D. Calidius Gracchus.  The national police enforce laws and fight crime.