"United we stand"
Demonym Arbintese, Arbintine
Population 6


The Republic of Arbintina is a newly-created micronation formed in February 2018 by President Arbint, declaring its independence from Canada.


President Arbint has been interested in micronations for a while and has already spent time reading about them before starting his own. In February 2018, he finally got round to getting some friends together and declared independence, using MicroWikia to introduce Arbintina to the micronationalist world.


Arbintina is a small republic. It hasn't had any elections yet, because it's small size restricts the amount of candidates. President Arbint, the leader of Arbintina, has a politically moderate viewpoint which his policies are based on.


On March 3, 2018, the Republic of Arbintina was approved as a member of the League of Micronations. The country is also recognized as an official friend by Rabbistan.

Membership list

  • President Arbint
  • Isobel (Arbint's sister)
  • Danny H
  • Ryan Whitewater
  • Max (dog)
  • Gary the Great