Arican Flag

Flag Of Arica

The Republic Of Arica

President: Stephen W. Orellana III


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There are 2 national languages in Arica Spanish and English.


The Republic Of Arica was founded on Saturday June 12, 2011 By Preident Stephen Orellana III.


Arica is a Congressional Democarcy with elections being held every 2 years with no term limits to any postion. Congress is set up on the idea of regions which means the nation will be divided into diffrent regions and each region will be given 4 seats to Congress 2 for the Senate and 2 for the House Of Representatives. There Are only 3 major parties in Arica the United Democratic Party the United Republican Party and the United Communist Party with the current president being a member of The United Democratic Party.

Congress: 12 Seats

6 Senate seats 6 House Sets


Arica currently has no standing military but will be investing enourmesley into The Armada De Arica (Navy) by creating Frigate type ships used for Reconnosiance, War, Fishing, and Transportation.


Arica being a mainly Catholic Micronation the local currency (N.A.P National Arican Peso) has pictures of important or notable Catholic figures. The Arican Economy is based souly around the land that our nation lies on with industries such as Livestock,Farming, and Fishing. Arica has not yet made any effort to become a manufacturing micronation at this time we are looking into what natural resources can be turned into sellable goods and to whom to trade with.

National Symbols


BIrd: White pigeon

Fish:Rainbow Trout

Flower: Callalily

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