Flag of Dalton (civil).png

Flag of the Supreme Union of Incroyable States
Arika COA
Coat of Arms

Dalton-Airka Kuril
Capital city Saryčevo
Largest city Saryčevo
Official language(s) Greek, Russian, Daltonese, English, Macedonian
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Arikan
Government Quasi-Dictatorship
- Supreme Wagon Master-General Pete Leventis
- People's Whip TBA
Established 2012
Area claimed Unknown
Population 1 (non-territorial)
Time zone Eastern Daylight Time Zone
National animal Eagle

Arika, or officially the Republican State of Vichy-Arika or sometimes East Arika, is a State in the Kingdom of Dalton-Arika


Arikan Fascist Government in ExileEdit

Arika was ruled by a fascist militia for a short amount of time after Dalton-Arika broke up. The fascist government in exile has very unstable relations with Dalton. The Daltonese President, Robert Garside was sentenced to death in Arika when the nation was under fascist rule, he was released after being on "death row" for one day.


Arika was later incorperated into Eleftheria before being suspended and then ceded back to the United States, Arika was no longer in existance.


Arika was refounded by the Supreme Wagon Master-General Pete Leventis, and Arika was incorperated into Dalton.


Vichy-Arika is a non-partisan dictatorship with absoulte power in the hands of the Supreme Wagon Master-General, who is advised by the people's whip, a representitave of the people. The Arikan Senate is expected to be reformed, but will most likley have little or only nominal power.

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