The Republic of Atann
Flag of AtannCoa of Atann

No official motto
O My Homeland
Virginia, United States
Capital city None
Largest city None
Official language(s) English, Spanish, Neishan
Official religion(s) No official, Christian and Jewish majority
Demonym Atanite
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Secondary Supreme Chancellor John Proff
- Supreme Chancellor Adam Naas
Legislature House of Delegates
Established 2010
Population 4
Currency The Atanite Dollar (essentially USD)
Time zone GMT -5

Government website

The Republic of Atann is a micronation formed in late 2010.


The Republic of Atann was founded on November 1, 2010, by Adam Naas, now serving as the nations first Supreme Chancellor. This was established by his A Declaration of National Identity.

The Constitution of Atann was created three days later. The Constitution goes into effect on November 30.

Government & PoliticsEdit

The Republic of Atann is a constitutional monarchy. On November 30, the first general elections will be held, resulting in the creation of the House of Delegates.

Power is split between the Supreme Chancellor, who is the executive officer, and the legislative House of Delegates.

The Supreme Chancellor has more powers than the House, but both he and the House are subordinate to the constitution.

The Republic currently has four members.


The military of Atann is under control of the Supreme Chancellor, who serves as Commander-in-Chief. Second in command is the General of the Armed Forces. The following ranks, in descending order, are Marshal, Colonel, Captain, Lieutenant, and Cadet.

The military is divided into two main groups; The Army Defense Force (normal operations) and the Special Operations Defense Force (special operations including naval and air combat).


One interesting aspect of the culture of Atann is the use of a contrived language, Neishan. It was created by Adam Naas before the Republic existed. However, it is not in common use in Atann due to its lack of full development and is only used in an official manner.

Adam Naas also wrote a national anthem for Atann called 'O My Homeland':

Verse1: O my Homeland, my country, Atann, it is thee!

I fight and defend her from ev'ry saboteur, of order and peace.

Freedom for ev'ry man shall be.

Verse2: O Motherland, my country, Bring freedom you did!

Evil we shall rid. O My Homeland, listen to my plea!

Please guide us to our destiny.

Music can be found here.

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