Republic of Atlantis Armed Forces ranks

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Chief of Staff/Capo di Stato Maggiore
Atlantisgeneral3 Atlantisgeneral2 Atlantisgeneral1
Fleet Admiral/Ammiraglio di Flotta Admiral/Ammiraglio Rear Admiral/Contrammiraglio
Staff Officers
Staff officer1. Army-general3 Staff officer2. Army-general2 Staff officer3. Army-general1
Colonel/Colonello Lieutenant Colonel/Tenente Colonello Major/Maggiore
Commissioned Officers
Nncc1 Army-general14 Nncc2 Army-general13 Nncc3 Army-general12
Captain/Capitano 1st Lieutenant/Tenente 2nd Lieutenant/Sottotenente
Non Commissioned Officers
Atlantisnavy-32 Atlantisrank1 Atlantisnavy-22 Atlantisrank2 Atlantisnavy-12 Atlantisrank3
Command Master Sergeant of Atlantis/Comandante Sergente Capo di Atlantis Command Master Sergeant/Comandante Sergente Capo Master Sergeant/Sergente Capo
Atlantisserg1 Atlantissergeant3 Atlantisserg3 Atlantisserg3-2
Senior Sergeant/Sergente maggiore Sergeant 1st Class/Sergente di 1° classe Sergeant 2nd Class/Sergente di 2° classe Sergeant 3rd Class/Sergente di 3° classe
Atlantiscorporal Atlantisprivate1stclass Atlantisprivate
Corporal/Caporale Private First Class/Soldato di prima classe Private/Soldato

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