The Democratic Socialist Republic of Brekkosia
[[Brekkosian1|]] Noflag.png

"A little different"
Northeastern United States
Capital city Wake
Largest city Wake
Official language(s) English, German, Icelandic
Demonym Brekk
- President Ryan Mathers
Legislature National Abgeordnete
Established November 19, 2013
Area claimed 2.10781 sq. miles
Population 8 (4 registered)
Currency Mile (ጢ) ($100=ጢ1) Note: Not very well used.
Time zone EST
National sport Cross-Country (running) and Cross-Country Skiing in winter
National dish Quinoa
National drink Flavored Soda Water
National animal Rose-breasted Grosbeak (bird)
TLD .br in development

Website in development Update: Brekkosia now has a very simple website for now.

The Democratic Socialist Republic of Brekkosia was founded on 19 November 2013 by President Ryan Mathers. In October of 2013, Ryan began work on Brekkosia, and it is continually being improved. After claiming land, writing a constitution, and designing a flag, along with many other things, Ryan was finally ready to create his own micronation.</p>


The name Brekkosia comes from the Icelandic word "brekku", meaning hillside or slope. This is because the first land claimed as part of Brekkosia was on a hillside.


Work on Brekkosia began in October of 2013. The first land claimed by Brekkosia was a tiny 1/4 acre parcel located on a hillside in back of Ryan Mathers' house, some state forest land 9 miles from the 1/4 acre property, Antarctica's Rockefeller Plateau, and Rockefeller Center in New York City. The original name for Brekkosia was The Principality of Upper Rockefeller, due to the fact that the state forest land contains the birthplace of John D. Rockefeller, and many of the other claimed lands possess his name. This idea was ultimately scrapped, and Mathers decided instead to name his nation Brekkosia and not claim the three properties related to John D. Rockefeller. He now claims not just the 1/4 acre parcel but his entire property, and some other nearby state forest lands (Ketchumville and Jenksville State Forests). The Constitution was completed on 19 November 2013, and so the nation was formed on that day. On 20 December 2013 at 6:35 p.m. EST, it was agreed that the Ketchumville District would be granted to The Chosen Apple Children of God.

Government & Politics

All elected officials except the President are democratically elected and serve four-year terms. The President rules until he is too old or corrupt to leas the nation, in which case a new President is democratically elected. All future presidents must follow the set of rules created by Ryan Mathers, the original President, in order to keep the nation within Ryan's original vision.

On 11 December 2013, the 3 voting citizens of Brekkosia voted in favor of making Brekkosia communist. Brekksoia is now The Democratic Socialist Republic of Brekksoia. It is questionable at this time, though, whether or not Brekkosia has been a communist nation in the strict sense.

Law & OrderEdit

Laws are kept simple in Brekkosia, Laws and copies of the Constitution are available upon request from the President. There is no reason to list the laws here, as they will take up a lot of room and are not all fully developed yet (but developed enough to use in law enforcement).

The President of Brekkosia is considering having a conference with other Brekkosians to rewrite the constitution and develop a complete law code.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Cockatiel Empire Flag (2014) Cockatiel Empire - 7-12-2013

Bastrian Flag Bastria - 14-1-2014


As of now, there is a one-man National Guard. As Brekkosia gets more citizens, the military will hopefully grow. When more people join it, Brekkosia plans to uniforms with the Mossy Oak® patterns to match the surrounding area. Brekkosia's military is intended more to protect Brekkosia from invasion, not to invade others (although it will if we feel threatened).

Geography & ClimateEdit

Currently, Brekkosia is located within the northeastern United States, which means there is a temperate climate (Köppen classification Dfb). There are two Districts, Wake District (capital) and District Jenksville.


The economy of Brekkosia is still developing.


The culture is somewhat of a mix of influence from New York City and northern wilderness (north Country). It is somewhat different from the surrounding Redneckism, due to the influences of citizens. To encourage physical fitness and enjoyment of nature, Ryan is going to start a new program called "Walks With the President" in which Ryan will lead a group of people on a hike on one of Brekkosia's territories. Gaming (video) also seems to be quite popular in Brekkosia. Nature is a major part of Brekkosian life, and there is a huge emphasis on the enjoyment of nature.

National HolidaysEdit

(Brekkosia uses European date format.)

In Brekkosia, people always find a reason to celebrate. National Holidays are not necessarily days off work; rather, they are often designed to make everyday life a little less bland.

(no national holiday list right now)


You can apply to become a citizen of Brekkosia and/or make your land part of Brekkosia by requesting and filling out a citizenship application form, and sending it to the President for approval. You will also need to complete a citizenship examination and receive a satisfactory score on it.

Ultimate Goals of BrekkosiaEdit

The ultimate goals of Brekkosia are to rule one contiguous territory the size of a smaller European country, and some smaller outer territories (e.g. islands) as well. Eventually, Brekkosia hopes to become a widely recognized sovereign state and develop a rich culture. But for now, Brekkosia is focusing on claiming land and building some small settlements.


Brekkosia is planning to start an official government broadcast channel on YouTube.

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