Kingdom of Catan

Ex Nihilio, A Liquid
God Save the King
Map of Catan
Normanton, United Kingdom
Capital city Alexis
Largest city Alexis
Official language(s) British, Dutch, French, Spanish
Official religion(s) Catan Christian
Short name Catan
Demonym Catanese
Government Parliament
- King James-Mitchell I
- Prime Minister Abigail Barnet
Legislature Parliament
- Type - State-General
- Number of seats - 350
- Last election - June 2015
Established March 1, 1999
Area claimed 225km²
Population 950000
Currency Cataneone
Time zone UTC
National sport Sjoelen
National dish Fish Fingers and Chips
National drink Coffee
National animal Dog
Patron saint King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands
This nation is a a member of the European Union of Micronations

Government website

The Kingdom of Catan is a micronation founded on March 1, 1999 by then Queen Alicia.

The origin of the name Catan symbolises the national struggle for citizenship and its attention to small details.

The history of Catan has been heavily dominated by it's state of neutrality. Which came into effect in 2001. The Neutrality Act was dissolved in 2010.

Other important events are

  • 1 March 1999 - Queen Alicia created the Kingdom of Catan as a new nation project, by the March 10, 1999 land was bought and a new Prince was born.
  • 5 March 2010 - Her Royal Highness Princess Alicia abdicated in favour of her son King James I
  • 8 February 2012 - King James I created a petition on petitioning for David Cameron to recognise the Kingdom of Catan. [2]
  • 25 May 2014 -  King James I authorised a letter to be sent to the Netherlands Foreign Affairs Minister regarding recognition from their government. Although no response has been received so far.

==Government and politics==
Catan has been a constitutional monarchy since its formation in 1999. Catan is described as a consociational state. Catan politics and governance are characterised by an effort to achieve broad consensus on important issues, within both the political community and society as a whole.

The monarch is the Head of State, at present James I.  Constitutionally, the position is equipped with limited powers. The monarch can exert some influence during the formation of a new cabinet, where they serve as neutral arbiter between the political parties. Additionally, the king (the title queen has no constitutional significance) has the right to be briefed and consulted. Depending on the personalities and relationships of the king and the ministers, the king might have influence beyond the power granted by the constitution.

In practice, the executive power is formed by the Parliament of Catan. The cabinet consists usually of 13 to 16 ministers and a varying number of state secretaries. One to three ministers are ministers without portfolio. The head of government is the Prime Minister of Catan, who often is the leader of the largest party of the coalition. The Prime Minister is a primus inter pares, with no explicit powers beyond those of the other ministers. Abigail Barnet has been Prime Minister since October 2017; the Prime Minister had been the leader of the largest party continuously since 1999.

The cabinet is responsible to the bicameral parliament, the Ministers of Parliament, which also has legislative powers. The 15 members of the House of Representatives, the Lower House, are elected in direct elections, which are held every two months or after the fall of the cabinet (by example: when one of the chambers carries a motion of no confidence, the cabinet offers its resignation to the monarch). The States-Provincial are directly elected every four years as well. The members of the provincial assemblies elect the 75 members of the Senate, the upper house, which has the power to reject laws, but not propose or amend them.

All children aged from 2 through to 16 are expected to attend some form of education. The education system in Catan is unique and does not follow the constitutional Kingdom of Catan's system. Children aged 2 to 4 attend raadinstin atentzion (Reading and Education), Children aged 5-10 attend Statten Raanders (State Teachings) and Children aged 10 to 16 attend Statten Internotionale (International State Education). All educational establishments in the Kingdom of Catan are free to attend and are regularly inspected.

==Law and order==
The police work closely with the army and other law enforcement agencies. The crown court is the highest court in the entire Kingdom and as such only the King can chair the sessions.

==Foreign relations==

The history of Catan foreign policy has been characterised by its neutrality. The Republic of Catan officially recognises all countries, except those in current war situations. The Republic of Catan Exclusive Economic Zone includes Republic of Molossia, Principality of Sealand, United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands.

The military consists of the Navy, 1 rescue boat, 1 torpedo and 1 marines transporter. The Air Force which consits of 1 spy plane and 2 helicopters and the Commandos which consits of 12 men and women who mainly man the borders.

==Geography and climate==
Catan consists of one property, one located within the continental United Kingdom and comprising a total area of 2 acres. The other located in the Sao Francisco River in Brazil and is approximately 32 acre.  They are owned by the Catan State.
Premium Province is located near Normanton and is the smallest of Catan's territories at little more than one acre in size. It is the Royal family's primary place of residence, and the site of Catan's designated capital, Alexis.

The predominant wind direction in Catan is south-west, which causes a moderate maritime climate, with cool summers and mild winters. This is especially the case in places within direct proximity of the Catan borders, which sometimes are over 10 degree C change warmer (in winter) or cooler (in summer) than places in the (south) east of the country.


The official language is English, which is spoken by the vast majority of the inhabitants. Other Recognised languages are Dutch and French.

The Kingdom of Catan claims to be a sovereign, independent nation-state, completely surrounded by the United Kingdom and by Brazillian Waters. As a result, it has adopted a system of government recognizably similar in structure to that of a sovereign state. The Kingdom of Catan officially adopts it's own laws and does not adhere to laws from the United Kingdom. Although the Kingdom of Catan gives Foreign Aid to the United Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Catan shares a border with the United Kingdom and Brazillian Waters as such tourists must enter the United Kingdom to visit. The Kingdom of Catan states that all tourists are welcome at all times of the year, but must pay a minimum of £5.00 entry fee from any citizen of the Catan Exclusion Zone and a £30.00 fee for citizens of the nations outside of the Catan Exclusion Zone. Although it is easier to enter Rotal, Quandor as it can be accessed by the River Sao Francisco.

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