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Republic of Chernoslovakia
Chernosloovakian flag

We are Slavic!
Prednistrovie, Moldova
Capital city Chernoslovakec
Largest city Chernoslovakovec
Official language(s) Russian, English
Official religion(s) Atheism
Demonym Europe
Government Presidental Dictatorship
- Artem Gorbunov Jane AB Citizen
Legislature Parliament
Established 1.04.2014
Area claimed 1km²
Population 2
Currency RUB
Time zone +4 GMT
National sport Soccer
National animal Duck
Patron saint -

The Republic of Chernoslovakia is a country in Eastern Europe between Prednestrovie (also known by its English name:Transnistria) and Ukraine.


The Republic of Chernoslovakia was founded for Slavic people who live in the territory of the Republic of Moldova and Prednestrovie (Transnistria) in 2014 after the waves of anti-Russian and anti-Ukranian demonstrations in the Republic of Moldova and Prednestrovie.

Political System Edit

Chernoslovakia is a republic with a Presidental Dictatorship form of goverment.

The current president is Artem Gorbunov.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Chernoslovakia hasn't got any relations yet.


It's got 1 military car with machine gun.


Chernoslovakia is using the Russian rouble and it's waiting for investments.

Chernoslovakian passport