Republic of Deville
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"One Nation. One People. One God."
"Our God Reigns"
Deville, LA
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christian
Demonym Devillians
Government Direct Democracy
Established June 27, 2014
Area claimed Approx. 6 Acres
Population 7
Currency US Dollar
Time zone Central Standard Time


The Republic of Deville was formed in June of 2014 by Jared. Jared's goal was to create a small nation for some of his friends to play sports (Mainly Football) in and generally have fun, while not leaving their US citizenship behind. Currently, there are 7 citizens that have guaranteed their loyalty to the Republic, and there are more that are very interested in joining. If one wants to become a citizen, they must apply for membership by contacting the President on his Message Wall (ElevateGC). This process usually takes 1-3 days.

Government & Politics

Every member of the Republic is given one vote, while the President is given 3. A new election is held every month. No person may be President any more than 2 times in a row. All members are citizens of the United States and/or their natural countries, and must answer to the Republic AND their country if they are convicted of any wrongdoing. The a Republic of Deville is run via Direct Democracy. Every person is expected to work together and help grow the country. The official law book is the Bible, and most laws can be found in the Bible. The Republic has a Constitution and Bill of Rights in addition to the Bible. All infractions will be judged on a case by case basis.

Law & Order/Military

The Republic of Deville is protected by the Republic Army. There are no branches (Air Force, Special Forces, etc.) in the Army, as all enlisted personel are specially trained to be properly equipped in all aspects of warfare. The official weapons of the Army are Nerf branded. The most used weapon is the Nerf Maverick. Over 100 blasters make up the Army's arsenal. Currently, the Republic of Deville is testing launchers and drones which will be incorporated into the Army in the near future. All citizens in possession of a weapon must have the proper license.

Foreign Relations

During the brief existence of the Republic of Deville, foreign relations have been established with 3 nations, who are listed above. The Republic of Deville also has pending relations and talks are being held with other nations. The Republic enjoys forming diplomatic relations with other nations.

Geography & Climate

The Republic of Deville is located in central Louisiana, USA. The temperature is normally humid, with the average temperature being around 80-90 degrees. During the winter and fall months, temperatures usually drop to approximately 60 degrees, and occasionally go below freezing.


The history behind the Republic is fairly simple, so far. In June of 2014, Jared envisioned a micronation that would be a nice and friendly place to live in for all people. Since then, the Republic of Deville has grown from a thought to a reality and the President has stated that he wants to make sure the Republic of Deville "leaves their footprint in the sands of history for years to come.".

Future Plans

The future is extremely vibrant for the Republic of Deville. On the leisure side, President Jared is very excited to enter the Republic of Deville National Football Team into their first tournament, with hopes of qualifying for the Kick It 3v3 World Championship. The Republic will also start hosting the Republic of Deville Quadathlon (Comprised of a Call of Duty, Football, and Basketball tournament, and a 1 mile run), which will be held every 4 months.