Republic of Digitalia

Land of True Freedom
Capital city Jonesmont, Digitalia
Largest city Jonesmont
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Free to Choose
Government Republic
- Classified Classified
Established 2015
Population 5
Currency Ducats
National sport Baseball
National drink Soft Drinks
National animal Domesticated Cat

The Republic of Digitalia is a micronation in Eastern Nebraska. There are a lot of freedoms you can use here, and they are all listed below. It has a population of 5. Although freedoms below exist, please be mindful to follow US law as well if you are here.

Land ClaimsEdit

The following land, water, and space is claimed for Digitalia:


- All 5 Great Lakes (Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario)

- Great Salt Lake

- Caspian Sea

- All of the Atlantic Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere

- All of the Pacific Ocean in the Southern Hemisphere


- Uranus

- All of the Andromeda Galaxy

- Kepler-69c

Freedoms Edit

  • Freedom of ALL Speech (this means you can't be stopped for swearing, for example. Exceptions include hate speech, going against ANY country or micronation, and other things illegal in the USA)
  • Freedom of Religion
  • All freedoms given in the USA

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