Viadalvian Republic Of Dradelia
Peguno Viadlavsrutu mäjte Drädelya
VRD Flag
Coat of Arms

Inderpendice Patriotism and Freedom
Viadalvian Republic of Dradelia
Capital city Kräkenhodh
Official language(s) Dradelian Viadalvian English
Official religion(s) Selcuar
Short name Dradelia
Demonym Dradelian
Government Democracy
- President Vacant
Legislature Parliament of Dradelia
- Number of seats - 5
Established 18 December 2013
Currency Dradelian Sahel
National animal Eagle

 The Viadalvian Republic of Dradelia is a Federal Republic of the Viadalvian Republic 


After talks with Ashukovo President Edward Jacobs about a Viadalvian Claim near Dradelia, Edward agreed with the Claim Leads Foundation of The Viadalvian Republic of Dradelia The nation is despite of that is part of Viadalvia most people follows the Dradelian Culture


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