Republic of E-town
(Client State of Unironia)
E-town rebels.png
2012–2014E-town Flag 2014.png [[Kyrosonian State|]]

E-town republic new flag
Republic of E-town Emblem

From the Ashes (Unofficial)
Presidents March
E-town Anthem

Capital city Peytona
Largest city Peytona
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Mixed Christian
Demonym E-townese, E-towner
Government Single Party Presidential Republic
- Vice-President Delaney Mcguire (2013-2014)
- President William McGuire (2012-2014)
- Premier Avant Shetty (2013-2014)
Legislature None
-Republic Declared 2012
-Unification 2013
Disestablished -Kyrosonia Declared (May 2014)
Area claimed 8 sq acres
Population 15
Currency Unironic Franc
Time zone East coast
National drink Milk
National animal Duck
Patron saint St.Joseph

The Republic of E-town was founded as a Client State of the Unironic Empire in early August 2012 because land had been won a earlier conflict and just sat occupied until it was organized into a state but ended in 2014 when it was replaced by a more applicable government in modern E-town


The name "E-town"  comes from the name of the tribe that was first made official when they originally established the state as a citystate in what was the E-town Freestate in late 2011 as a mayoral Republic


Established in August 2012 by Unironia as a Client State and unified with the south officially on November 1, 2013, and in May of 2014 the Republic of E-town was dissovled and a the Kyrosonian State was set up.

Government & PoliticsEdit

was a Presidential Republic run indirectly by the Unironic Empire With a President a Vice-President and a Primier

Law & OrderEdit

the Imperial Guard of Unironia Managed order in the nation

Foreign Relations was a Client State of the Unironic Empire


The Unironic Military managed all military affairs in the country

Geography & ClimateEdit

Temprete and Rough


The E-townese Culture dates back to December 2011 when a tribal minority from the south formed a nation and declared their bigest city as the Capital the culture formed around a common language E-townese the despite the city building boom during the golden age of E-town but with the dismantling act that destroyed the city of E-town and put the final nail in the coffin of any hopes to restore the golden age as time went on the people spread apart and by the Modern day there are 3 seperate E-townese Peoples which are E-townese-Unironics, Gotho-E-towners, and E-townese Natives, but what really destroyed E-town was the Goth Invasion which created a basic tribal society which currently exsists beyond the southern border of Northern E-town


this culture appeared shortly after the unofficial end of the 3rd Unironic-E-towner War. with a conservitive aditude to every aspect of life and dress very modestly, but in recent times there has been a sharp decline in the followers of this culture. even though a few people still profess to being Gotho-E-towners they are far less conservitive.


This group of people have been influenced by Monoean culture so most southerners have become xenophobic toward them.This resulted from the seperation of Northern and Southern E-town after the 2nd Unironic-E-towner War

E-townese NativesEdit

These people have stuck by the tradional culture of E-townese Peoples and also identify them selves with the Batrani people and support the Batrani National Movement