The Grand Republic of Eldorado is a Micronation located in

The states of Oregon and Washington. It is officially divided into two separate enclaves, One to the north and one to the south. The Capital, Danial, is located in the southern enclave. Flag will go here, but I can't seem to upload pictures right now.



Political Geography: The southern enclave is divided into four states: Special Adm. Region of Danial, Hand Canyon, Hand and Chieftain Dakota. Special Adm. Region of Danial: The Special Adm. Region of Danial is the smallest State, and yet it holds all of the population of the Southern Enclave. The S.A.R.D. for short, It holds the nation's capital, Danial. The only geographic features of this state is a small sliver of the Hand Canyon. Hand Canyon: The state of Hand Canyon is the most untouched part of the Southern Enclave, and is Completely Within Hand Canyon National Park; Which is a park created to protect the Hand Canyon, The largest canyon in the country. Hand: Hand Encomposses the westran part of the Hand Canyon. Chieftain Dakota: Chieftain Dakota is the largest state, But has no geographic features at all.

Northern Enclave: The northern Enclave is divided into the five states of NewAdakis, Industrali, West, Crimea, Overlake And Recreationali. NewAdakis: NewAdakis is the largest state, With a population of 11, It's the second most populous state. It Is the location of the most well known project in the country: Overlake International Airport. Overlake international airport is a Work In Progress international airport, With 3 planned gates. Currently the main terminal is a hollow shell, and the Runway is just one section. Industrali: Industriali is the industrial capital of the country, Holding all of the government warehouses and connected to the proposed Cargo Section of the Overlake international airport. West: Boring name, Boring state. The state of west is mostly flat, Containing 2 population. Crimea: The state of crimea is pretty much the outback of the Northern Enclave, Containing a population of 2. It's geography is mostly flat, Containing Lake Crimea and Lake Crimea State Park. It's only town is the unincorporated community of Nanci, Containing the 2 people in the state. Recreationali: Recreationali has no permanent population, and yet is the recreational hub of the country. It contains two soccer fields and a large hill. Overlake: Overlake is the most densely populated state and the most densely populated part of the entire country. It contains the City of Overlake, The overlake city Park, Hugon State park, and half of interstate 1.

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The republic of Eldorado was founded in 1998 by Danial A. with the help of his future successor, Joshua A. as a democratic republic. The country was originally just the Lower Enclave, and the nation had the name of Tualastan. The country was dormant for a while, just barely maintaining itself until the 2014 Presidential Elections. Joshua A won those elections, becoming the president of than named Tualastan. About 3 months later, Joshua A Took over a farm in washington, Becoming the upper enclave. The space that was taken over was just the current states of Crimea and about half of NewAdakis. Joshua then used the leverage of having the North Enclave to take over the entire country and turn it into a Totalitarian Dictatorship in 2015. He than renamed the country to Eldorado but kept the "Republic" tag. Than the north enclave expanded profusely to the size it is now except the "Panhandle". In July 2015, many people were fed up of the dictatorship and migrated to the north enclave, which was almost completely disconnected from the government. They than proclaimed the North Enclave a nation named Shishkin, Which resulted in retaliation from the Capitol. Shishkin than set up a democratic nation, but it was taken down shortly afterwards by the Southern Enclave. Eventually the two Enclaves brokered a peace deal where both of the enclaves would still be governed by Eldorado, But they would turn the government into a democratic system instead of A totalitarian dictatorship, but it's pretty much just a name because the capital still rules the country like a Totalitarian Dictatorship. A while later, in January 2016, there was a purchase of the North Enclave Panhandle, which was bought so the Runway of the new airport could be built.


The economy of the country is almost completely based around tourism, and the country has an approximate GDP of Eldorado is around ~1,492,00 USD Or 149,200 Kow. 1 Kow is approximately 10 USD.

Foreign Affairs

Micronations: The republic of Eldorado recognises all micronations that meet the requirements listed here: Micronation must have a flag, a claim of land, a capital city, a permanent population of over 3, and must not claim any land currently owned/claimed by the Republic of Eldordao.

Macronations: The republic of Eldorado recognises all United Nations Member States as well as Taiwan, Israel, Somaliland, and the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.


There are 5 territories Claimed by the Republic: A small square in the bedroom of a home near the capitol city, The Gird Point fire lookout in south-western Montana near the town of Hamilton, Mars, A dust particle in Utah, and Antarctica. Mars, the dust particle, and Antarctica are all claimed by the North Enclave.

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