Enzoffo Respublika
Republic of Enzoffos flagCoA Republic of Enzoffo

Equality and autocracy!
Armonikėlės giesmė (Harmonica chant)
Capital city Little City of Union
Largest city Little City of Union
Official language(s) lithuanian, english
Official religion(s) religious freedom
Short name Enzoffo
Demonym Enzoffian
Government dictatorship
Legislature President
- Type - Dictatorship Republic
Established 30th of March, 2015
Area claimed unknow
Population 2 (growing)
Currency Enzoffo litas (in main territory and Potato's digger colony), Williamsburg dram (in Williamsburg colony)
Time zone GMT +2:00
National drink Water
National animal Sparrow
Internet Domain

Republic of Enzoffo (lithuanian Enzoffo Respublika) is micronation, who is established, but just looking for land.

After President Povilas Jasiunas contacted Kevin Baugh to translate page about Molossia in Wikipedia to lithuanian, and watched many other micronations, he decided to create his own micronation.


At 20th, March, President started to lookup some lands to claim his country. Next day, 21st, March, he created micronation's currency - Enzoffo litas. It is pegged with other, now unusing currency, Lietuvos (Lithuanian) litas (LTL). At 30th, March, Consitution's model was finally created. Now, it is editing, but still legal and using.

Diplomatic relationshipsEdit

Republic of Enzoffo heading for Intermicronational East Europe Union. It is searching for diplomatic relationships, too.


Republic of Enzoffo doesn't have any army, just only gun arsenal.

It is planned to establish National Navy.

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