The Republic of Estovokia
Estovokia Flag

"Carry Onward"
Houston, Texas
Official language(s) English
Government Democratic republic
- Prime Minister Cameron O'Brien
- Head of State Cameron Johnstone
Legislature Parliament
Established 15th June 2014
Area claimed 6.83 Acres of Both Field and Housing
Population 13 16th June 2014
Currency US Dollar (USD)
Time zone CST
National sport Handball
National animal Falcon
Internet Domain (proposed) .FG

The Republic of Estovokia was established by deeclaring independence from the United States of America as an independent state in South-East Texas on June 15, 2014 with two provinces under its belt. The newly created nation immediately had to deal with internal conflicts from insurgents.


The Republic of Estovokia was established on June 15, 2014 after Declaring Independence from the United States of America.

Estovokian Civil War

Following the declaration of independence, Estovokia found itself immediately thrust into the Estovokian Civil War (June 22-25). Two battles where fought by insurgents and the both Weak and inefficient Estovokian Army. The first battle was a massive loss, leading to the Capture of more that 6/8 of Estovokian Territory. However, After the Remenants of the Estovokian army were wiped out in the Second Battle of Rough Strait, the Insurgents reformed the Government in which Congress and the President were replaced witha Parliament, a Prime Minister, and a Head of State.


Due to the State of flux that Estovokia has been in since the end of the Estovokian Civil War, Parliament has yet to make many Policies or Reforms, and a Constitution is a long way off. Estovokia Exists by the continued efforts of its Citizens while the Still-Weak Government sorts things out.

Foreign Relations

Foreign Relations with other Micronations are currently closed down to the state of the Republic. Once the Internal Issues are sorted out, Estovokia will seek to make itself known in the world of Micronations. For now, Estovokia will remain quite Unknown.

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