The Most Serene Republic of Falonia
Republic of Falonia
Motto: Work, Serve, Fatherland
(and largest city)
Official language(s) English, Frebish
Demonym Falonian
Government Dictatorial Police State
 -  President Gunho Kim
 -  Total .02 km2 
0 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 0%
 -   estimate
 -   census 2013 
 -  Density 1/km2 
2.6/sq mi
Drives on the Right
Falonia, or The Most Serene Republic of Falonia is a territorial micronation that is located in Western Canada. Its population comprises of one person. The government is a dictatorial repressive police state. Economy, law and order, military literally do not exist. Falonia leaves law and order and military to Canada. Falonia was dissolved on January 7, 2013 due to inactivity.

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