The Republic of Felbah
Felbahnflag999Felbah Crest full

Ava Felbaik
None at present
Capital city Felkén
Largest city Parketaria
Official language(s) English, Felbahn
Official religion(s) Protestant Christian (Baptist, Anglican etc.)
Demonym Felbahn
Government One Party Parliamentary Republic
- General General Ben Felix
- The Council The Felbahn Council
Established March 2010
Population 16
Currency Felbahn Rank (FRদ)
Time zone Felbahn Standard Time (+10.30)
Internet Domain .flb

The Republic of Felbah (Felbahn: Daer Roupablikomae a Falbaik) is a former nation, formerlylocated in a tiny area of Australia.


There has been no real attempt to document the history of Felbah in any real capacity, as history in this land is mostly passed down by word of mouth. This is the first attempt.


Felbah was founded as a small club in 2010, then known as 'The Knights of the Black Diamond'. It seceeded from another group founded earlier, known as 'Cliffside Warriors', but took the whole population of the nation. At its highest population, there were 27 members. Eventually, though, the populace was stretched between other parts of Queensland and the group fell apart. However, a revolutionary thinker, the designer of the Flag and the creator of the Knighthood, believed that a group like this shouldn't crumble due to small events.

Holy EmpireEdit

For a while after the Knighthood was dissolved, Ben Felix used a nation simulator called 'Nationstates' to keep Felbah alive. The Holy Empire of Felbah is the brainchild of Nationstates and Ben Felix. The original idea was to create a utopian pious society, but the idea failed, due to there being only one actual member. Soon, however, other knights joined Nationstates, keeping the circle of knights intact and keeping Felbah alive. For a while, Felbah was going to be abandoned and replaced by another nation named Mahrahussi, but the knights disagreed, since the flag of Felbah actually had meaning, both vexillologically and personally to the knighthood.


In early 2012, Sir Felix, by this time tired of keeping Felbah alive, stumbled across the small nation known as the Republic of Molossia. Realising that this was a Micronation, Ben Felix went on a passionate search for other micronations. Coming across others, he decided that this was a good idea for Felbah, as not only did it keep Felbah alive, but it would also bring Felbah into the tangible world, a dream which, for Ben Felix, had long been abandoned. Throughout the following years, the republic was built out of the ground.

However, this idea did not go unopposed. The idea to create a proper micronation came under much scrutiny throughout the rest of early 2012. Debates raged, and the idea for micronationalism nearly died out. However, the idea survived, and after the opposition party gave up, the micronationalism began. Felbah became tangible and real to the one lone knight on June 1, 2012. He decided to try on many titles, including King, Emperor, Captain Regent, but finally settled on General.


Very soon after the nation was started, on the 9th of June, 2012, some other former knights met with Sir Felix. The population expanded to five members.

At this same time, the brief Revolution of the flag started, where a revolutionary, Aiden Parker, decided to make Felbah a Socialist German nation. The revolution lasted for 10 minutes, and it ultimately failed.

Decline and RiseEdit

Again, debates followed, with the Republic dying out in late 2012 to early 2013. People still considered themselves Felbahns throughout the time of decline, but the idea of a Felbahn state was left by the members of the knighthood.

In mid-2013, Ben Felix, after discovering different forms of government and deciding that a noble republic was a bad idea, decided to form a republic, to which the main inhabitants agreed.


The Population of Felbah consisted of sixteen inhabitants, most of which followe the state religion of Baptist Protestant.


Felbah ha opened diplomatic relations with the Saxon Empire, Domanglia, Grunkia and Elefthfria

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