The Independant soverign nation of Gran Isla is located off the NE coast of the Bahamas. The country is currently being administrated from a private residence in Melbourne, Australia. The President of the country is Mr. Michele Bravado, as of his election win in 2015. 


The Republic of Gran Isla, is an independent sovereign under the current administration of the Democratic party. Following it's discovery in 1857, by the Spanish navy, the small colony of the island grew rapidly in population as the lands were highly fertile from the volcanic ash, and it was a fantastic tourist location for all, and by the early 20th century the population of the island was in the thousands. However as the century progressed, the tourism rates declined sharply, most probably due to the great war and the island was some-what forgotten until the early 21st century.


The Sovereign nation of Gran Isla is approximately located 20 nautical miles off the eastern coast of Cuba. At roughly; 25.486893, -76.668262.The Republic controlled territory spans from the west, main island to the stretched out rocky out-crop of the southern island chain, however this southern area is merely inhabited by a few dozen citizens, and public services are not available here.

Government System

The Governmental system of Gran Isla is a Republic. This means the people vote for a representative, who represents their state, or province. These representatives form the senate, and together pass laws, orders and changes that the president declares, via a senate vote. Currently, the President of Gran Isla is administrating the country from a Melbourne-based embassy.

Foreign Assets and Trade

The Republic of Gran Isla, trades items such as:

Sugar | Coffee | Fertilizer (from volcanic ash) | Tropical Fruits (Bananas, Pineapples, Guava Fruit) | Firearms | Ammunition | Ships (Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries) | 

Factories and Plants

The San Aldarez, Super. X ship yard and facilities | The Colt Industries Ammunition Factory | The Colt Industries fire-arms plant | Seirra Farming Products Factory | Fruit Co, distribution plant

The current GDP is: 423.45 Billion Dollars (as of 2017)

Public Services

Fire-department [GIFD]

Stations: El-Santarica, municipal fire-house | San Bernado, Fire HQ | John Doe, regional station

Police-force [GISP]

Stations: El-Santrica, station house | San Bernado, Regional Command | El-Sombre police station | Lucas-vale, Federal police municipality

Water Treatment services [GIWT]

Facilities: La-marada, regional water treatment facility | Jane Doe, Paprica mountain pumping system.

Medical Facilities

Hospitals/clinics: San Bernado, Hospital | El-Santarica, medical clinic | El-Sombre Hospital-Clinc

Public Transport [GPT]

Stations: El-Santrica, Bus and train multi station | San Bernado, Grand-concourse station | El-Sombre bus station.

Lines: The Grand Express, Regional-High speed train line. | City metro line | Purple bus line | Green bus line | Yellow bus line | Regional bus line

Military Power

The Armed forces of Gran Isla, is considered to be small, outdated and under-powered. However, as our industry is on the edge of a financial boom, we have begun the process of re-fitting our outdated army, air-force and navy with modern equipment. This has already begun as of mid 2016, and we are expecting many new weapons and vehicles.


Infantry units: 3rd Light infantry company- 120 men | Military police detachment | AT capacity | JTF capacity

13th U.S Expeditionary division- 400 men | JTF capacity | HQ Company | AT Capacity

Armored units [NEW]:

1st Motorized infantry support group- 50 men, 15 HMMWVs | 8 ASLAVs

Support Units:

2nd Imperial Artillery Battery-30 personnel | 4x M119A3 - 105 mm Towed Howitzer

Bases of operation: Saint Maria, Joint Task Force base, El-Santrica


Squadrons: 7th F-16 Squadron [NEW]- 30 Personnel, | 5x F-16 Fighting Falcons (To be expanded)

15th F-5 Squadron- 100 personnel, | 30x F-5 Freedom Fighters

Ground-Air Logistical Service-40 personnel | 8x MRH Tai-pan | 4x Bell-429 (To be expanded)

Air-force police Unit- 30 personnel, | 4x Jeep Outback


Ship groups: Coastal guard [NEW]- 70 personnel | 3x Armidale class Patrol boats (Old navy recently retired)

1st Carribean Battle Group [NEW]- 200 Personnel | 1x Kidd Class Destroyer

Maritime Police Force- 100 personnel, | 5x RHIB | 8x Jeep Outback

Equipment ordered

3x Kidd Class Destroyers | 2x Collins class, guided submarine | 15x F-16 Fighting Falcons | 10x ASLAV |20x HMMWV | 15x S-70B-2 Seahawks

This equipment will most likely arrive in the next 6-12 months.

Diplomatic Relationships

Diplomatic Relationships of Gran Isla
(War, Very bad, Bad, Neutral, Decent, Great, Fantastic)
Nation Status Agreements/Pacts
Empire of Colonia Fantastic Trade Agreement [Weapons and ammunition], Serve and protect act.
Doveland Fantastic Trade Agreement [Weapons and Ammunition], Serve and protect act.
Gahooulia  Decent Serve and protect act.
Julsington Decent Serve and protect act.

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