Republic of Hödükistan
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Hödükistan Flag copy
The Flag of Hödükistan

"One Goat is Better Than Two"
"Blah Blah Blah"
Hödükistan Map Location of Hödükistan (Green) in Europe (Grey)
Capital city Las Masas
Largest city Las Masas
Official language(s) English, Turkish (Official) Spanish, French (Non Official)
Demonym Hodukistanian
Government Republic
Established 8 September 2012
Population 11
Currency Hödükistanian Dollar (HRD)
Time zone GTM +2
National sport Football
National animal Goat

The Republic of Hödükistan (Turkish: Hödükistan Cumhuriyeti), also known as Old Goatannea, is a small, independent country with limited recognition (i.e., a micronation) located in Southeastern Europe.

Geography and Climate

Summers are usually hot and rainy, whereas winters are warm but also rainy. The average temperature in the summer is 24 degrees Celsius and the average temperature in the winter is 10 degrees Celsius.

Hödükistan is located in northwestern Turkey.


The country was established in 2012, but was disestablished after its defeat in the First Hödükistan War in 2013.

The Republic was re-established by the Second Hödükistan War in 2014.