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The Republic of Hasanistan (Turkish: Hasanistan Cumhuriyeti, Hasani: Һacaниcтaн Рапеңйети) is a tiny and unrecognized political entity founded on the 7th September of 2011. Hasanistan is made up of two distinct geographical locations: Batyr, the capital of Hasanistan, located on the Kazakh-Kyrgyz border in the Ile-Attau national park; and Al-Jarid island, a small island of the coast of Bahrain. Hasanistan is a Turkic micronation, and it has its own culture which is often considered to be a Turkic culture, with, however, some unique elements and Persian influences. The official language is Hasani, a Turkish-based language which is written in the Cyrillic script. Batyr borders Kazakhstan to the north, and Kyrgyzstan to the South. Al-Jarid island forms the Hasanistani coastline, it is surrounded by Bahraini territorial waters.


The Hasani people declared their self-recognized independence on the 7th of September 2011 as the Republic of Hasanistan. On the 22nd of May 2012, Hasanistan opened it's government website and on that same day declared it's nuetrality policy. During late 2012, the government of Hasanistan contacted a small amount of Uyghur separatist movements. Until April 2013, Hasanistan was a single-party state with the only party being Hasanistan Secessionist Party but three more parties were created (the Progressive Party, Peace and Unity Party and Islamic Party). It wrote a constitution based on the constitutions of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Iran.



Turkic names
Ottoman حاسانيستان
Kazakh Һасаністан
Uyghur خاسنىستان
Uzbek Ҳасанистан
Kyrgyz Hасанистан
Hasani Һacaниcтaн

Hasanistan means Land of the Hasanis. The Hasani people are the main ethnic group in Hasanistan and the -stan suffix means "Land of-". Hasanistan is sometimes referred to as Central Turkestan or Trans-Ili Alataun Republic of Hasanis however it is written in the Hasani constitution that the official name is the Republic of Hasanistan.

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