Republic of Istriei

Republica Istriei (Romanian)

Repubblica Istriana (Italian)
Republic of istriei.PNGRepublic of Istria Coat

Libertatea e buna pentru toti! (La liberta e' buona per tutti!)(The liberty is good for evreyone!)(Libertatem unicuique bonum!)
Republica Draga (Cara Repubblica) (Dear Republic)
Capital city Hamburg
Largest city Vacaresti
Official language(s) Romanian,Italian
Official religion(s) Romanian Ortodoxy,Istrian Protestant
Demonym Istrian (EN),Istrian,Istrianca (RO),Istriano,Istriana (IT)
Government Democratic Republic
- President Iordan Luca Nicoale
- Prime Minister Petcu Adrian Viorel
Legislature Constitutional
- Type - Bicameral
Area claimed 7,23km2
Population 332.432
Currency Istrian Dinar (RID)
Euro (EUR) (Just for online payments)
Time zone East-European Standard Time (EET)
National animal Eagle
Internet Domain .ro .it (The goverment has not set or proposed a new domain,the romanian and the italian one are used and officialy) (For News only,avabile only in Romanian and Italian)

Republic of Istriei (Republica Istriei, in Romanian/Repubblica Istriana, in Italian) is a micronation located in Bucharest. The country controls the original zone of the Istrian Kingdom,the Vacaresti Delta, Pensionarilor Island (Local named Nifer) and the Islaz village. It is a member of some locals organisations such as Bucharest Union or Bucharest Council.


Official languages of the Republic are Romanian and Italian.All the population has to know these languages.Localy there are more languages spoken,more in the Vacaresti zone. They are:Serbian,Russian,Belarusian,French and Greek.These languages cannot be used in a state building.


The Republic has a national Television TVI (Televiziunea Istriană/Televisione Istriana) which transmit evreyday programs in Romanian and Italian. TVI has the next channels:

TVI 1 (The first and the most important channel,bilingual channel in Romanian and Italian)

TVI 2 (Channel that transmits more films and serial,bilingual channel in Romanian and Italian)

TVI 3 (Channel that transmits more cultural shows,bilingual channel in Romanian and Italian)

TVI News (Only the most imporant news,bilingual channel in Romanian and Italian)

TVI Regional (One channel for evrey region with news and shows in the local language)

TVI Italia (Shows italian films and shows only)

TVI Premium (Divided into Premium Extra,Premium Comedy and Premium Horror,shows films and series,mostly original Netflix,the only channels type Pay TV)


WhatsApp Image 2018-08-25 at 15.00.18

A banknote of 1000 Istrian Dinars issued in August 2018

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-23 at 13.57.14

The back of an istrian coin of 1 Dinar. All the coins have the same back

Official currency is the Istrian Dinar (Dinarul Istrian in Romanian/Dinaro Istriano in Italian).The Istrian bank issued banknotes from 5 Dinar to 1000 Dinar and coins from 1 Cent to 2 Dinar.

Euro can be considered as a second currency of the Republic but has no official document that shows that.In the Republic you can pay with Euro just online.


The Republic of Istria's history starts in 1934 when Queen Sara I (from House of Olandenburg) official formed the Istrian Kingdom.

After the construction of the Royal Palace and the proclamation of Houses of Parliament and Government, in 1937, the zone is declared Istrian Kingdom.                                                                                            From 1934-1998 the kingdom has been good and the govermant was governing good. From 1998-2000 was a war with The Empire of Dristor. The Dristor Empire won the war and the territory was them. In 2005 (03.07.2005) the liberating revolution was winning the power, Redon Medas, the dictator of The Empire of Dristor, being arrested and executed for persecution of international states and crimes against humanity. The Liberating revolution provided apparent democracy to the state with elections in the form of government the socialists winning. From this point for 3 years the Istrian Socialist Column governate the Socialist Republic of Istria. The Pro-Democratic Revolution made Ciprian Column to be judged and executed in 31 of December 2008.

Political Paries of Republic of Istriei

DPRI (Democratic Party of Republica Istriei) - Leader: Petcu Adrian Viorel
USI (Union Save the Istrian) - Leader: Iancu Gabriel
NS-PM (The National-Socialist People's Movement) - Leader: Anamarie Georgeta
LCA (The Liberalist-Capitalist Alliance) - Leader: Alberta Salvatrice
NPRI (The Nationalist Party of Republic of Istria) - Leader: Victor Stelian
IIP (Italian Istrian Party) - Leader: Achille Ottaviano
L.I.P (Libertian Istrian Party) - Leader: Craciunoiu Petru

. . . . . The Parties accept members everytime. These are the parties from the parliament.

Government party (majority): DPRI : Petcu's Goverment

Presidential party: DPRI: Iordan Luca-Nicolae Approved by The Chamber of Deputies

Approved by The Senate Approved by The President Approved by The Goverment