The Republic of Jakistan is an sovereign micronation established May 12, 2016. Jakistan gained some attraction during its early months, then in late 2016 there were citizenship reforms, so everyone needed to reapply. Most citizens have rejoined though. In early 2016 Jakistan became allies with the Gindeleague of Nations. In late 2016 Jakistan declared war on Promville a dictatorship.

Republic of Jakistan
Jakistan Flag

Nos omnia superare faciunt obstacula in finem victoriae
God Save The King
North America & Areas of Atlantic Ocean
Capital city Datlof
Official language(s) English
Short name RJ
Demonym Jakistani
Government Constitutional Monarchy (Monarchy mixed with a republic)
Legislature National Parliament
- Number of seats - 200
- Last election - Every 4 Months (Example: April)
Established May 12 2016
Population 38 (4/9/2017) Subject to rapid change
Currency Jakistan Dollar (JSD) (Territorial Trade)

United Pound (IMU Trade)

Euro (International Trade)
Time zone (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
National drink Piña Colada
National animal Western Lowland Gorilla (Harambe)
Internet Domain


Flag Nation Head of State Capital Population
Flag of the Empire of Skywalkistan Empire of Skywalkistan Tyler Skywalker Pure Pebble Corner 105
Principality of Garonne Principality of Garonne Antoine Lacaze Rómka 7
Final United Federation of Fornelos Dani West Fornelos 6
VoyflenFlag Barony of Voyflen William Gristan 2
Wynaan Republic of Wynaan Patrick Lightning Refa 10
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