Republic of Kekistan
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"Praise Kek"
Capital city Kekstantinople
Largest city Berkeley (as of April of 2017)
Official language(s) English, Italian Egyptian hydroglyphics
Official religion(s) Cult of Kek, Atheism, Christianity
Demonym Kekistani
Government Military Dictatorship
Legislature Kekistan Parliment
- Type - Far Right
Established November 9th 2016
Population 12,000 (2017) They are all sh*tposters
Currency Bitcoin
National sport Sh*tosting
National animal Pepe the Frog

Kekistan, better known as the Republic of Kekistan is a fictional country devised by users on 4chan's infamous /pol/ board as a tongue-in-cheek place of origin for "sh*t posters" who claim to be an oppressed ethnic minority known as "Kekistanis" who worship the Ancient Egyptian deity Kek.

The concept of Kekistan was made famous by controversial YouTuber, Carl Benjamin (better known under his pseudonym, Sargon of Akkad).


It isn't exactly known when Kekistan was founded, however, most people believe it rose to prominence after the election of Donald Trump.

It quickly grew in population on 4chan boards such as /b/ and /pol/, eventually getting recognition from various libertarian youtubers. Pepe became a common theme for kekistan being involved in multiple memes about kekistan.