Republic of Kekistan
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"Shadilay" "REEEEE!" "Praise Kek"
Capital city Kekstantinople
Largest city Berkeley (as of April of 2017)
Official language(s) English


Egyptian hydroglyphics
Official religion(s) Cult of Kek, Atheism, Christianity
Demonym Kekistani
Government Democracy
Legislature Kekistan Parliment
- Type - Far Right
Population 12,000 (2017) They are all sh*tposters
Currency Bitcoin
National sport Sh*tosting
National animal Pepe the frog

The Republic of Kekistan is a online community of trolls, libertarian atheists, Conservitaves, Alt Right, Etc.

kekistan was originally founded by youtuber Sargon of Akkad sometime in January of 2016 but eventually gained its fame after the Elections after Donald Trump was elected into office. The country is especially people who make Dank Memes and.

Sh*tpost on web fornums such as 4chan and Reddit

they have even made up their own history of being

refugees of liberals and Social justice warriors With the nickname "Normies." The idea was to make fun of the left and identity politics

Citizens can usually be found at pro trump rally's carrying their flag.


Kekistans entire history has been based on Right wing or libertarian Politics. Many people across the US were critizied by the left and feminists. Hundreds of people on the internet grew tired of leftist censorship and leftist insanity. A cartoon frog named pepe (created by Matt Furie) had became a center of Right wing or in some cases nazi Memes.

this led to Pepe .Becoming the symbol of Political Incorrectness. even today, he is still the symbol for all of kekistan.

Durring the Elections,Hillary Clinton Made A remark abouy how the alt Right was rascist. A kekistani

conservitave shouted, "Pepe!" This only further brought attention to Kekistan. Further more bringing diversity of land loving Americans to form the online coalition.

Military history

in kekistan's history, Normies and Liberals had invaded kekistan and were at the point of taking kekstantinople, Only to be save by Donald Trump And Nigel Farrage.

in real life they have been in many battles with Antifa in towns like Berkeley California and Boston.

in each attempt they succeeded to hold back the Liberals against over wealming odds even to having their main general arrested during the Third battle of Berkeley At the Free speech rally. Kekistan liberated the town shortly afterwards.


IMG 4481

Pepe the frog

Kekistans culture mainly consists of dank memes,anime,and making fun of the left. They mainly worship the ancient Egyptian god Kek, the god of destruction who is sometimes depicted as a frog, wich is perfect for kekistan standards. Pepe the frog is their main symbol and is usually the the first thing that comes to mind when you think about kekistan.

The contereversy about pepe became so strong to the point Thant Antifa Killed over 10,000 wood frogs in protest.

Culture is mainly dependent on Internet memes that are relevant to kekistan standards such as We Are Number One, Or Spongebob. They then continue to Sh*tpost The random Meme they seclected to image boards such as 4Chan and Reddit.

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