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Republic of Kulstaan
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"Vapaus ja Ystävyys"
marsjen av kulstaanian
Capital city Nuuk
Largest city Nuuk
Official language(s) Finnish Swedish Norwegian Frisian English Estonian Icelandic and danish
Official religion(s) None
Short name Kulst
Demonym Kulstaanian,
Government Kulu Parliamentary, Executive Monarchy
- Republic Kurjenn jarsen
- Prime Minister Sir Sigen jan
Legislature Parliament
- Type - Tricameralism
- Number of seats - 20
- Last election - 4th Jan 1763
Established 15th January 1764
Area claimed 100 Acres
Population 30
Currency Kujøn
Time zone KULS
National sport Football
National dish Fajitas
National drink Carlsberg
National animal Ice Dragon
Patron saint Zurssi

The Republic of Kulstaan is a micronation north of Scandinavia, that was founded on 15th January 1762 by Sara & Kiara Rojen


The name Kulstaan comes from the Finnish word "Kultaanen" meaning Golden.


In 1786, was founded by a the explorer and 2nd politician Kuja Jargen and style and founded this micronation.

Government & Politics

the government is respectful and the politics are really fair and friendly


Kulstaan's military is largely protective and is responsible for protecting the country's borders and allies.

Geography & Climate

Kulstaan is Located in northern Greenland its very cold and can be warm but it can be very cold sometimes


The is very economical and environmental friendly and mostly .


The arts in Kulstaan is musical and friendship but loves football and hi-tech technology.

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