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The Republic of Lakotah is a proposed republic in mid western United States. It is the oldest Micronation in human history, even though the nation wasn't Proposed until 2009.

History Edit

in 1851, The United States Military agreed to sing the treaty of fort latimire which granted the native Lakota Sioux to keep their lands without disturbance. However in the 1860's the US Broke
Republic of Lakotah

"Mitaku Osayin" (We are All releated)
Centeral US
Capital city Porcupine
Largest city Omaha
Official language(s) Lakota English
Official religion(s) Indegious beliefs Christianity
Demonym Sioux
Government Confederacy
Area claimed About the size of Syria
Population Unknown, possibly thousands

the treaty and allowed settlers to steal land and in some cases, killing the native Americans.

several of the survivors were sent to indian reservations. Protests began in the 1960's and 70's by the American Indian Movement. People Like Martin Luther King junior spoke positively about the activistS during the civil rights movement During the 1960's.

Most protests were actually peaceful excluding a 71 day standoff with the US Military in wounded knee leading to the deaths of two activists in 1973.

On December 19th 2009 the Republic of Lakotah was proposed to the us govornment but was turned down. They even tried to send the proposed nation to foreign nations.

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Wounded Knee incident 1973

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