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The Republic of Mennista
Capital Starke

Official language English

Denonym Mennistanian

President Abigail Smith

Established 28 November, 2009

The Republic of Mennista, also known as Mennista is a fledgling republic with an easy-going stance towards its citizens. It's a rather peaceful place, with its president being more than willing to compromise in a conflict, though the head of military might say otherwise.

Mennista is located in the northwestern region of Oregon, about a half an hour away from Oregon's largest city, Portland. It usually sees rainfall for most of the year, and has a rather cool climate with very little humidity, even in the hottest months of summer. Mennista is enamored with trees, and projects a very green image towards greenery.

Mennista's currently uses the same currency as the rest of America, and currently follows the same economic foundations, though this plan may later change.


Originally a name used for a Cybernations country, Mennista was born as a micronation on November 28th, 2009. Though it has a Cybernations counterpart, the computer simulation is nothing like the nation itself. Mennista is still expanding its territories from time to time, though the president's house is its founding point and capital. A census has been taken, though it is older and the population may have differed slightly. About 54 people consider themselves to be citizens of Mennista.


Mennista is allied with smaller micronations like the tightly woven micronational trio Republic of Violation, the Kingdom of Notzucht, as well as The Consistarchic Republic of Seoün. Another proud alliance is with that of the Californian micronation, Calsahara . Mennista is also aiming to make an alliance with Bokonton.

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