Republic of Monoea
Nancia flag.png
April 2012–May 2012Unironic empire.png
Dominition Symbol.png


Forward all Monoeans
My Mono My Mono
Capital city Criz
Largest city Dominitian
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Roman Catholic
Short name Monoea
Demonym Monoean
Government Federal Republic
- President William McGuire
- Prime Minister Dominick Chess
- General Secretary Elijah Ward
Legislature Parliament
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
Established April 2012-Monoean Treaty
Disestablished May 2012-Imperial Decree I
Area claimed 2 mi2
Population 80
Currency USD
National animal Dragon


When William McGuire pulls together a few post civil war provinces to form the State of Unironia a congress is held to determine what kind of government Monoea was to have a Federal Republic was agreed upon and that government gained power over time so much that a Royal/Imperial Government was established Imperial Monoea


As a One Party State Monoea was very strict about what to let the people think and do because of this, around the end of the Republic and the start of the Monarchy there was a Rebellion known as the "Freethinker Revolt" that caused the Executive a body made up of the President, Prime Minister, and the General Secretary of The Monoean Nationalist Party to flee to Fort Zacharia the revolt was crushed 24 hours later when the Monoean Ground Forces dispersed  the Rioters outside the fort.

Nationalist ConceptsEdit

Begining in this era Unironics start to think of themselves as one people, not many. It was also a time when E-townese people began to get deported back across the border to their homeland as they were not yet considered Unironic.

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