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Republic of New Athacia, and her dependent nations Edit

We are currently working closely with several teams to bring you the best coverage of Althacia in the form of written articles such as this one and also a number of videos including documentaries and event coverage. Much invesment has been provided to build better national infrastructure, current developments include Althacias very own Radio Station, News Broadcasting Service and Website. Launch of many of these services will begin rolling out early 2017.

National Anthem of New Althacia Edit

File:Republic of New Althacia National Anthem -Official-
Republic of New Althacia
Althacian FlagFlag of Old AlthaciaAltanian flag-0
Flag of New Althacia

"Land and Freedom" - Amici Forever [Official] ||||||||||||| "Britannia" - Leseim [Ceremonial]
Althacian Mainland
Capital city Capital District, Castleton.
Largest city Capital District
Official language(s) English, Latin (Primary)
Official religion(s) Divine Mercy
Short name ALT
Government Republic
- Chancellor Daniel Ambrose
Legislature Senate
- Number of seats - 5
- Last election - 20th March 2015
Established January 2009 (Reformed March 2015)
Currency Althasan Credit
Time zone GMT
Internet Domain .ALT

History Edit

Kingdom of Altania (Founding 2009) Edit

The Kingdom of Altania was founded by Chancellor Ambrose, then King, with the backing of a loyal advisor who had served him during his reign (and later his sisters reign) over the now defunct micronation Anzacia. After the Great Anzacian rebellion of 2008 (Incited by once friend-turned enemy Emperor Ian Forest of Camuria) during which the royal family was exiled, the advisor, whose name has been lost to time, convinced Chancellor Ambrose to start a new nation free and distant from the tainted waters of his enemies. Given his many years on the Micronational stage thus far, the Chancellor quickly gained favour with other regional and international micronations and alliances were established, and henceforth began the time of prosperity which would forge the foundations of one of the oldest and most well known micronations on the wikia.

Kingdom of South Altania (2009) Edit

After a time of prosperity, a reminder that what goes up must come down would shake the micronation as a stark haunting of familiarity from the past. During this time, the regional micronations once strong and proud had become corrupt and wilted many were collapsing due to the friction caused by rebellions of ideology while others were taking advantage of this opportunity to cease land left, right and centre for the greater glory of their nation. As the once great Empire of Northwood fell to rebellion, a group known as the "Red Faction" splintered away and invaded the host of the Capital District, Castleton. Taken by surprise Altania and her now ally Camuria quickly sprung to engage this new foe as their invasion was an act of war and a sufficient retaliation must be enacted before they were willing to engage in diplomatic discussion. After weeks of engagement during which many fires raged through Altanian lands as cross-fire using firework-rocket technology by both sides met with their intended targets, diplomatic dialogue was initiated and an agreement was reached in that the Kingdom of Altania would release the northern capital district of Castleton to the Red Faction and will remain soverign over the southern Riveria and Mystania districts. Upon this agreement, the Kingdom was broken into two separate micronations, the Red Faction controlled Republic of North Altania and the prior Kingdom of Altania, now Kingdom of South Altania.

United States of Altania (2009) Edit

After time, the two nations of Altania established trade routes and experienced fair productivity and prosperity during this cooperation dispite greatly different ideologies of government, often likened to the differences between the United States of America (Kingdom of South Altania) and North Korea (Republic of North Altania). The Northern nation, knowing they relied on trade with the South and fearing that what they had originally done to the Kingdom of Altania in order to split the micronation up might end up happening to them also, as they were protected by the South and her many allies, decided to enter diplomatic discussions with Daniel Ambrose to consolodate the lands of the Republic and the Southern Kingdom into a single nation of federal states, which would come to be known as the United States of Altania. Upon accepting this proposal, Daniel Ambrose was made president on the condition that he respect the former Republics say in the mechanics of the nation.

Kingdom of Althacia (2009-2011) Edit

Pending Archive Analysis

Empire of Althacia (2011-2012) Edit

Pending Archive Analysis

Union of Camuria and Althacia Edit

Pending Archive Analysis

Post Union - New Althacia Edit

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Republic of New Althacia (2015 Onwards) Edit

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Location Edit

New Althacia Location

Land and Districts Edit

Althacian Mainland Edit

Annotated Map of Althacia Mainland

Annotated Map of New Althacian Mainland

Dependant Edit


Castleton Map

Annotated Map of Castleton


Riveria Map

Annotated Map of Riveria


Mystania Map

Annotated Map of Mystania

Semi-Dependant Edit


Altea Map

Annotated Map of Altea

The Outlands

Autonomous Edit

Kingdom of Jubilee

Kingdom of Jubilee map

Annotated map of the Kingdom of Jubilee

Social Edit

Pending Writing

Infrastructure Edit

Overview Edit

New Althacia is a highly industrious and ambitious nation. For a long time it has relentlessly sought greatness through its expression in national architecture and infrastructure. However, due to regional clashes such as wars and the destruction and disruption they bring as well as a lack of sufficient finances, many projects have had to be postponed or abandoned. Though this is the case, many projects have been successfully completed and stand as a testament to the resilience and dedication of the Althacian people and that aspiration will continue for many, many years to come.

Operating Edit

Under Construction Edit

In Development Edit

Proposed Developments Edit

There are currently several proposed developments that are either not sufficiently beneficial enough to warrant an allocation of resources (Which are limited due to the vast amount of projects that are in fact already in development) or are simply too resource intensive to be attainable for the nation at this moment in time.

Proposed Projects

  • Oceanic Titan - A large ocean-based platform on which a small town could be constructed, allowing for greater chance for genuine development and transition from micronation to functional national entity.
Oceanic Titan

Oceanic Titan Digital Render

Industrial Edit

Manufacturing Edit

New Althacia hopes to acquire a 3D printer in the next three years which will provide a greater capacity for manufacturing.

Agruculture Edit

Pending Writing

Cultural Edit

Pending Writing

Economy Edit

The Bank of New Althacia Edit

The economic currency of Althacia, as well as public, corporate and government funds is managed and held by the national bank of New Althacia, and is run directly under the control and supervision of the government. The bank was founded with the idea of creating a working currency for the republic as well as to provide a department for managing national budget, expenses and other financial matters.

Currency Edit

The currency of New Althacia is referred to as Althasan Credits.

Notes currently in circulation are:

  • 100 x One Credit Notes
  • 40 x Five Credit Notes
  • 20 x Ten Credit Notes
  • 10 x Fifty Credit Notes

For a total of 1,000 [One Thousand] Althasan Credits

Planned Notes for circulation at a later date:

  • 100 Credit Notes
  • 200 Credit Notes
  • 500 Credit Notes
  • 1,000 Credit Notes

Exchange Rate

The economic exchange rate of the Althasan Credits is as follows:

  • 1 Althasan Credit = One British Pound Sterling

In order to ensure that the exchange rate, and as such, value of the Althasan Credit remains equal to British Pounds, the Bank of New Althacia will holds the equivalent value of each Althasan Credit in circulation in British Pounds.

Currently the bank holds the following alternate currency:

  • £1,000 British Pounds
Visual Appearance of an Althasan Credit Note
Althasan Credit Note

One Althasan Credit

Political Edit

Overview Edit

The Republic of New Althacia is currently undergoing massive, comprehensive reforms. Currently the nation is goverened by elected Chancellor Daniel Ambrose who is overseeing the reforms, which are expected to be completed early 2017.

 Once they are complete, it is expected that the nation will exist as a Republic governed by a senate which will include a single elected representative from each district. Each representative will have governing power over their district and will make the bulk of decisions if they are already covered in passed governing legislature unless otherwise stated, if they're not, they will need to be passed by the other district representatives in the senate before they can be acted on.

 The chancellor has the power to veto votes in the senate besides those that are unanimous and has the power to enact and pass legislation without a vote in the senate so long as it does not defy a unanimous vote against it and is entirely transparent to the senate members. In times of war, the chancellor is the only authorised person to grant use of Class 5 weaponry, those which are capable of such destruction that on a Micronational level they would be deemed catastrophic.  

Senate Edit

  • Daniel Ambrose [Senator, Chancellor]
  • Adam Keelan [Senator, King]

Diplomatic Relations Edit

Military Edit

Overview Edit

Througout it's history, Althacia has been known widely for its willingness to utilise weaponry to intimidate any who would attempt to threaten it. In the same light, it has also been known for its innovation in weaponry design and deployment which has been admired by some, feared by others and criticised by many who claim that its pursuit in advanced and dangerous weaponry not only threatened the nation by risking being threatned by recognised nations such as the regional United Kingdom of Great Britain, but also threatened other micronations with unnecessary damage.

In light of this, Althacia decided to slow its desire to increase its stockpile of weaponry and in many cases retired some more dangerous deployments, in response to its lessened capacity for brute force it decided to instead optimise its remaining capabilities to be more efficient and effective as well as to serve in a more deterrant, rather than offense, nature.

Weaponry Edit

There are currently 5 "Classes" of weaponry deployed throughout Althacia.

  • Class 1: Basic Weaponry, e.g. stones, sticks, ground objects.
  • Class 2: Standard Weaponry, e.g. air rifles, basic projectile weaponry.
  • Class 3: Intermediate Weaponry, e.g. air rifles (metal pellets), medium projectiles, small explosives.
  • Class 4: Advanced Weaponry, e.g. large projectiles (+explosive capability), medium explosives.
  • Class 5: Weapons of Mass Destruction. Classified Information. Max Radius: 10 metres squared.

Althacian government officials refuse to confirm or deny the existence, development or deployment of Class 5 weaponry beyond acknowledging that they were successfully demonstrated prior to stepping down its forces in 2013.

A video of the Althacian military parade to celebrate the reform is planned to be released early 2017.

Troops Edit

Naval Edit

Given that Althacia borders both a canal and a river it has been agreed that a budget will be set for expansion of Althacias naval capabilities. Currently however there is no operational navy.

Air Force Edit

A large budget for the development of military air capabilities has been granted by the government as of December 2015. As such it has been proposed, planned and approved that Althacia will acquire a drone in the mid part of 2016.

Drone Specifications

  • Max Speed: 50Km/h
  • Max Flight: 20 Minutes in between refuels (Max 50 minutes per 3 hours)
  • Max Height: 120 Metres (Theoretical 5Km range)
  • Max Distance: 500 Metres (Theoretical 2-4 Km range)
  • Surveillance Capacity: 4K video and imaging
  • Offensive Capabilities: None Disclosed
  • Defensive Capabilities: None Disclosed

Orbital Deployment Edit

A large interest by both military and civilian groups has been displayed in space technology over the time that Althacia has existed. Though several projects had set out to achieve the construction of a rocket, none have succeeded so far, though that was mostly due to the lack of resources available due to the unstable nature of the region inciting various wars. There are currently several plans for the construction of rocket technolgy and some developments and implementations are already underway, however it is unlikely to see any military application for them in the area of orbital offensive or defensive technology any time soon.

Engineering and Research (Science) Edit

Overview Edit

Engineering Departments Edit

Space [ADSE] Edit

The space department is run by the ADSE or Althacian Department for Space Engineering, who are responsible for the construction and development of space technology and also the utilisation of research which is undertaken by the dedicated research department for the ADSE. The department is responsible for the development of rocket and satellite technology and their prerequisites.

Currently there are several projects in research, development and implementation which are making progress towards building space technology with the interest of not only getting to space but also placing facilities into orbit.

Completed Space Projects

  • Starmap - A project which endevoured to visually capture the stars in the night sky above Althacia.

Starmap V1


Starmap V2

Current Space Projects

  • Rocket TV1 - Basic rocket test, to demonstrate capacity in propulsion technology and to gain valuable data and insight to improve later designs. [Planned Launch: 20/12/2015]

Proposed Space Projects

  • Rocket TV2 - Basic rocket test, intended to be built on what is learnt from the test of Rocket TV1. Potential to include on-board camera to record visual flight data and assess telemetry parameters.

Electronic Edit

Software Edit

Mechanical Edit

Research Departments Edit

ADSE [Dedicated to space research] Edit

Physics [Theoretical and Practice] Edit

Chemistry Edit

Biological Edit

Electronics Edit

Software Edit

Software is considered a crucial part of electronic functioning in modern computing terms, as such, it is a key aspect of research and development to Althacia. Currently there are several projects ongoing which are aiming to improve the national infrastructure of the micronation as to be able to allow it to utilise electronics in a more efficient, effective and intelligent way.


The following image was taken from the archives, It is of a still ongoing project in its early stages of research and development. The intention of this project is to create an alternating signal circuit which could be used with electronic devices for many purposes, one of particular interest is its potential capacity for military defense as an alternating signal could provide the means to create alarm infrastructure in the event that anyone attempts to enter Althacian lands, allowing the military to be aware and act accordingly.

Alternating Signal

Mechanical Edit

Religion Edit

Overview Edit

The Althacian people follow the spiritual concept they refer to as "Divine Mercy". This concept is defined as an act of unity and transcendence in the expression of mercy and alleviation of suffering of others wherever and whenever possible, sworn to guard and protect, respect the existence of the neutral individual and bring harmony to all.

Upon election, every leader must swear a sacred oath and undergo the prayer of unity by which they claim their position as leader of the republic. In doing so, they cede their life-force to the crystal -- a sentient collective mind which every past leader joins upon their death. The crystal acts as a guide and guardian for the Althacian people and governance and acts as a literal representation of their conscience.

A video of this process will be available early 2017 when the ceremony is intended to take place, once all reforms are complete.

Republic of New Althacia: Flag Edit

Althacian Flag

Flag of the Republic

Republic of New Althacia: Stars of the Republic Edit

Stars of the Republic

Stars of the Republic

Ceremonial National Anthem of AlthaciaEdit

File:Altanian National Anthem

Republic of New Althacia: Video Tour Edit

Update Coming Early 2017

File:Althacia Tour

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