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Republic of Example

"This is an example!"
O, Example
Map of Sabovia 2
Fakebury, United Kingdom
Capital city Exampleville
Largest city Exampleville
Official language(s) Exampleish
Official religion(s) Exampleism
Demonym Examplian
Government Example
- Vice-President Jane Sysop
- President Rodger Sysop
Legislature Parliament
Established October 14, 2012‎
Area claimed 1km²
Population 2
Currency Example Pound
National sport Tennis
National animal Duck
Patron saint St. Example
Internet Domain .ex (proposed)
This nation is a a member of the Example Organisation

Government website

 The Republic of New Zaire is a small nation located in the United States, and is widely concidered part of the United States.


Our micronation varies greatly in geography, ranging from 250 feet above sea level in our lowest valley, to 500 feet above sea level at our highest summit. We have two seas, and two major tributaries; the sea of nuuk, which recieves flow from the nuuk river, and the  Oxbridge river, which is the largest, and recieves flow from the sea of nuuk, and the Oxbridge ocean (our second sea). 


our natural parks include:

Oxbridge island; a small island formed by the nuuk sea, and the oxbridge river, when met.

Rainforest Canopy:a temperate rainforest in the central of our nation, and where the oxbridge river flows through. Our largest National park.

Ocean valley: our low point, the location of the Sea of Nuuk, and Oxbridge ocean. 

Quest Peak: our highest point, and our second largest national park. Also a temperate rainforest with a deep area, and tall canopy.

Montclair: a small national park, based on a small mountain.

Red Square: a small recreational park, used often for events. it is located on the west face of Quest peak.


Our Nation Was founded on May 27th 2014, with ambition from our prime minister, Sammy X. We were started as the federated provinces of Heritage, but our name was changed for various reasons, to the Republic of New Zaire.  Our philosophy is likes= citizenship


Our government is a peoples government, controlled by democracy, and a sole government minister, who is elected, and takes action over issues, by election of solution. we are also under the official government of the U.S.

Foreign Relations

The Republic of New Zaire has strong, but informal relations with Molossia.



our economy is small, but thriving, and is based on the use of the United States Dollar. We import Weapons, Fireworks, Art, sugary beverages, junk food, and other fine items/services.


We the people are strongly influenced by the arts, and Boyish Teenage Behaviour. Our culture is shown in our economy


our Media is all internet based

our facebook page is- The Republic of New Zaire

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